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Front Pipe

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Your car's exhaust system is made of several components bolted together, from the exhaust ports of the engine all the way to the muffler's tip. When corrosion sets in, you'd want to check each component for holes or cracks to prevent exhaust leaks.One such component is the front pipe. It's the component that comes right after the exhaust manifold. Most people call this component the 'down pipe' because it leads downwards from the manifold.Amongst all the components in your car's exhaust system, this pipe is one of the most prone to metal fatigue. That's because it's exposed to a lot of heat coming directly from the engine. If your car suddenly sounds like a lawn mower, you can bet that the front pipe has come loose from the manifold.When replacing damaged exhaust components, it's highly recommended that you use stainless steel replacements. Stainless steel front pipes available here at Carparts.

• All our front pipes are made from durable, corrosion-resistant material.

• This pipe is available as a bolt-on component to the exhaust manifold.

• Our front pipes last longer than stock pipes.