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A leaking radiator hose will definitely leave you stranded. Imagine it happening while you are driving in the unfamiliar side of the state. It probably gives you goose bumps just thinking about it but that's the reality of having a damaged radiator hose and the worst part is--you'll never know when it will happen. As the old adage goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, applying this saying to your car the prevention refers to the regular maintenance that you need to do. By doing regular checkups on the various parts that you have in your vehicle you will be able to avoid or detect early signs of damages including leaks in the radiator hose. It would also help if you could get a high quality radiator hose like the FT-Electronik radiator hose.

Knowing the various parts of your vehicle, their functions, and what damages them will help you to take better care of your vehicle. A vehicle part is developed based on needs this is also the case with the radiator hose. You see in the past, automotive engineers were trying to figure out ways on how they will be able to get the engine coolant from the engine to the radiator and back again. They needed to come up with a part that will be able to flow freely without affecting moving parts like the pullies for the fan belts. Moreover, the conduit that they need must be durable enough to resist the vibration of the engine and must perfectly fit the neck of the radiator that when the fluid flows through it, it will not shake loose. They came up with a molded rubber hose that connects the thermostat housing, the water pump, the inlet neck of the radiator at the top, and the radiator's outlet neck at the bottom. This is how radiator hoses came about.

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