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Fuel Injector

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Been wanting to increase your vehicle's gas performance? Why not get fuel injectors? Allowing your vehicle to get topnotch gas mileage and develop additional horsepower and cleaner emissions, fuel injectors are considered standard equipment on hundreds of vehicles. If you're planning to change your engine with high-flow intake and exhaust components, getting fuel injectors is the first step to it.
Constant supply of gasoline is the sole requirement of fuel injectors. When that is settled, fuel injectors ensure power and performance as these are specifically engineered to maximize such. High performance is met through quality inner parts made with utmost precision for good flow of fuel.
Some fuel injectors are specially made for use on the racetrack. These fuel injectors can have a flow rate of around 250ccs to 260ccs per minute and offer increase in horsepower. Some fuel injectors feature recessed spray holes that prevent clogs and hence avoid the need for cleaning. Sometimes cars are initially equipped with fuel injectors that are more economical than performance-enhancing. After-market fuel injectors can infuse more power to these cars as these fuel injectors give bigger shots of fuel.
Keeping your car's much needed fuel flowing with smooth and fine fuel injectors ensure dependable performance throughout its lifespan. Plus, these are often sold in sets and are actually easy to install. Indeed, getting a fuel injector or gas injector for your car can only do you good.

Fuel Injector Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Fuel Injector

    Want to shed your skyrocketing gas bills? All you need is a first-rate fuel injector.
    Money isn't easy to come by nowadays. This is why most of us do our best to budget and maximize the pay that we take home on a monthly basis. And if you happen to own a car, one of the things you try to control is your fuel consumption. Since your car will end up consuming fuel every time it's used, what can help you in conserving the use of fuel is a Fuel Injector.
    A Fuel Injector is a valve that's found on your intake manifold. It's electronically controlled and allows pressurized fuel to be released into your engine's intake valves through the nozzle it's equipped with. This helps maximize your fuel usage since the nozzle atomizes fuel by releasing it in a fine mist. Also, the amount of fuel being released is based on the length of time the fuel injector replacement stays opened. This process is called the pulse width and is controlled by your vehicle's engine control unit or ECU. As a result, you're assured that no fuel goes to waste every time you use your vehicle.
    By having fuel injectors control your vehicle's fuel consumption, you're able to limit the number of times you have to gas up your car. This allows you to save and use the money you initially allotted for fuel to get something else. So make it a point to have one installed so you can enjoy the benefits of having better fuel economy.

  • Fuel Injector: Just the Facts

    With the soaring prices of performance parts nowadays, it can be hard to optimize your car to perform at its peak. But you don't have to settle for mediocre performance from your vehicle.There are cheap yet effective ways to improve your car's performance. One of them is to equip the engine with high-quality fuel lines.A fuel line is a hose that brings fuel from the tank to the pump, then from the pump to the carburetor or fuel injection nozzles. A premium fuel line ensures that fuel is quickly and efficiently delivered to the fuel injection system. In turn, this helps the engine maximize your vehicle's fuel supply.If you want to make sure that fuel gets to the engine, make sure your car's fuel lines are in good shape. Once the lines crack and develop leaks, all you have to do is visit Auto Parts Deal. We have topnotch fuel lines waiting for you at our catalogs.

    • Crafted only from durable materials to ensure leak prevention

    • Come with the necessary connectors and fittings

    • Designed according to OE specifications