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Fuel Level Sending Unit

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Running low on fuel is a big no-no. Not only will you risk damaging the fuel delivery system of your car, you also run the risk of being stuck in the middle of nowhere.Unless you have unlimited credit for gas, you should keep tabs on your car's fuel gauge. A lot of tight-fisted drivers often drive with their cars' fuel meters running almost red. The problem is whether they're aware of how far low fuel reserves will take them.Another problem is when the fuel level sending unit conks out. This unit is responsible for measuring the amount of fuel in your vehicle's gas tank. Most owners running their old cars mostly rely on memory to tell them when to top up their cars' fuel tanks.Memory sometimes fails, however. It's better to have a working fuel level sending unit to keep you aware of how much fuel your car's carrying. If you want this device for your car, we have plenty in stock here at Carparts.

• Designed to give accurate fuel level readings

• Comes with all the hardware needed for quick installation

• Helps you avoid the hassle of unknowingly running out of fuel

Fuel Level Sending Unit Articles

  • Six Easy Steps in Installing a Fuel Level Sending Unit

    Keeping you updated of the fuel tank's level is made possible through the fuel gauge. However, this gauge will not be able to show the reading without an efficient fuel level sending unit. This tiny part sends a signal to the car's computer and tells how much gas is left in the tank. If your stock fuel level sending unit is already defective, then here is an easy guide to help you install a fully functional one.

    Required skill level: Intermediate

    Needed tools and materials

    1. Phillips screwdriver
    2. Socket wrench
    3. Pliers
    4. Marking pen

    Preparing for the installation

    Before removing the stock fuel level sending unit and installing a new one, drive your auto until the fuel tank is below half full. Relieve the pressure from the fuel lines, remove the filler cap and the fuel pump relay, and empty the fuel lines. Once done, also disconnect the negative battery cable as a safety precaution.

    Locating the fuel level sending unit

    The fuel level sending unit is accessed through the trunk. It is found underneath it and is covered by a plate close to the rear seat.

    Removing the cover plate

    Using a Phillips screwdriver, unbolt the screws that secure the cover plate. Once done, the fuel level sending unit should be revealed along with the fuel pump.

    Disconnecting wiring harness and fuel lines

    The stock part should be connected to the wiring harness and fuel lines. Label the lines with a pen or any marker, so that they can be put back into place once the new fuel level sending unit is installed.

    Removing the stock part

    The fuel pump is attached to the fuel level sending unit. The pump must first be removed in order to access the fuel level sending unit. Once done, proceed to detach the faulty stock part.

    Installing the new fuel level sending unit

    Equip the new fuel level sending unit and secure it tightly in place. Afterwards, put the fuel pump back in place and reattach the fuel lines. Do not forget to connect the wiring harness and to replace the fuel pump access cover. Once all the parts are re-installed, your vehicle is good to go.