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Fuel is the adrenaline of your car, truck or engine. Aside from clean fuel, your car should have superior quality fuel pumping to deliver and maximize your car's performance. Various types of fuel pumps like automotive fuel pumps and electric fuel pumps are currently out in the market to fit your specific vehicle.
Some vehicles' stock fuel pumps are not equipped to deliver the amount of fuel required by the particular car. Reduced performance can be noticed after a period of time. Hence, it is important to install a new fuel pump that ensures immediate increase in power when used with performance components. Upgrading your fuel pump is especially important if you have added a high-performance carburetor or larger fuel injectors to your engine to maximize your use of such.
Before installing a new fuel pump, however, general safety precautions must be observed. The battery should be disconnected, the fuel tank drained, and the vehicle supported on jack stands. You should also work outdoors, in a place far from sources of electric sparks. Also, when replacing a fuel pump in your car or truck, a new fuel filter and/or fuel pump strainer should be installed, especially if your vehicle has an electric fuel pump. The fuel filter and strainer keeps contaminants away from your fuel system.
Be sure to get only the best fuel pump that would really boost your car's adrenaline.

Fuel Pump Articles

  • Fuel Pump: What Every Car Owner Should Know

    Whether your vehicle's fuel delivery system comes equipped with a carburetor or a set of fuel injectors, the system probably uses a fuel pump assembly. Carburetor-equipped vehicles usually employ a mechanical fuel pump to deliver fuel from the tank to the carburetor's fuel bowls. Once the diaphragm-type pump makes the fuel transfer, the carburetor mixes the fuel with air and feeds the mixture to the engine. Fuel injection-equipped vehicles, on the other hand, use electric fuel pumps. Electric fuel pumps are designed to pressurize fuel lines, for gas to reach the engine. Despite their differences, though, both types of fuel pump assemblies are susceptible to wear and tear. Typically, it experiences damage from extreme heat and pressure in the engine bay. Fortunately, replacing your car's fuel pump assembly is easy, especially when you trust Auto Parts Deal.

    • Our fuel pump assemblies are guaranteed to improve the fuel delivery system's performance.

    • Made from topnotch materials, fuel pump assemblies from us offer longer periods of use.

    • Because of our fuel pump assemblies' OE fit, installation is easy.

  • Fuel Pump: Just the Facts

    The fuel pump is an essential component of an internal combustion engine system. Your vehicle, for example, needs a durable pump to feed the engine a steady supply of fuel. Located inside the fuel tank, the fuel pump drives the fuel from the tank by generating positive pressure in the fuel lines. Once the fuel reaches the injectors, the injectors spray the fuel into the engine's intake manifold. The intake manifold, in turn, is responsible for supplying the engine cylinders with the appropriate air-fuel mixture for combustion. So if you want to make sure that your vehicle's engine gets the fuel it needs, make sure that the fuel pump is always in top shape. In case you need a pump replacement, there's no need to look any further. Auto Parts Deal is here to help you.

    • Unlike the old mechanical fuel pumps used in early vehicles, an electronic fuel pump is more efficient and offers more advantages.

    • Though the pump is an electrical component that can spark and ignite fuel vapors, liquid fuel will not explode. Hence, an electric fuel pump is less likely to start a fire.

    • The fuel pump delivers a steady flow of gasoline to the engine and ensures that unused fuel is returned to the tank.

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Fuel Pump

    Achieve the right fuel distribution with the help of a dependable and reliable fuel pump.
    What does the pizza delivery guy in your area and your vehicle's Fuel Pump have in common? Both of them have a responsibility of delivering a product to their customers. But unlike the delivery person, which delivers food from one house to the next, your car fuel pump is responsible for distributing something else. That "something" is fuel.
    Depending on the vehicle you have, the Fuel Pump can be seen mounted on the fuel tank, under the vehicle, or placed on the side of your engine block. This component works by providing your carburetor or fuel injector with fuel which they release into the engine. It comes in two types: mechanical and electrical. A mechanical fuel pump is able to pump fuel by using a rocker arm. This lets your engine's diaphragm move up and down. Once the diaphragm starts moving, fuel is immediately pumped and distributed. The electric fuel pump, on the other hand, works the same way. The only difference is that its rocker arm is powered electrically. However, it does carry the same function as that of its mechanical counterpart, which is to control the up and down movement of the diaphragm, causing the fuel pump to transmit fuel.
    A car fuel pump is a vital component that no vehicle should be without. By having this component installed, you're able to ensure the proper distribution of fuel within your engine. This allows you to enjoy the benefits experiencing more horsepower and better engine performance.