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Fuel Tank Cap

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Isn't it ironic that those overused motor parts are often the most neglected? Consider the fuel tank cap, for instance. Also known as the gas cap, the fuel tank cap is what you remove during a gas refill, then screw back onto the mouth of the gas tank to prevent the gas from spilling out. Of course, removing and replacing the fuel tank again and again eventually takes its toll on the part. Once damaged, the fuel tank cap loses its capability to perform its primary task: to help save gas by preventing it from evaporating into the air. Not only that, the fuel tank cap is also a safety component; it avoids the accumulation of gas vapor, which can cause dangerous fire when ignited. So when it's time for your vehicle's routine maintenance, don't forget to check on the fuel tank cap. You just might need a new one.

• A top-quality fuel tank cap securely covers the fuel tank to prevent fuel waste.

• A fuel tank cap also protects passengers from the risk of inhaling gas vapors.

• We offer fuel tank caps that are durable and easy to use.