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The important role that the clutch plays in the vehicle simply cannot be denied. This component enables you to equip your car with a manual transmission in gear while allowing you to shift to the next gear as your vehicle starts to move. There two types of clutch systems: mechanical and hydraulic. Most of the newer vehicles are equipped with the hydraulic clutch system. It's because hydraulic clutches have self adjusting features unlike mechanical clutches that require frequent adjustment to obtain proper clearance.

The hydraulic clutch system is comprised of: clutch master cylinder, clutch pedal, clutch slave cylinder, clutch fork (not common in all vehicles), clutch release bearing, clutch pressure plate, clutch disc, flywheel, and the pilot bearing or pilot bushing. All these components are readily available at various dealers online and offline. Just as there are countless of dealers selling these parts there are also numerous of suppliers out there of these components. The quality of these auto components would depend on the manufacturer. If you want topnotch clutch disc then the Fuji brand is what you should look for.

The clutch disc of the vehicle is that part in contact with the pressure plate and the flywheel. The splines found at the center of the clutch disc enable it to slide in the splines of the input shaft of the manual transmission. This is precisely how the rotational movement of the engine is transferred from the flywheel to the transmission. The clutch disc is designed to withstand extreme pressures and stress up to 90,000 miles. However, the clutch disc can also get damaged and it's usually due to bad driving habits, fluid leaks, and other extreme conditions. You will know when the clutch disc is damaged since there is uneven friction causing the clutch disc to slip or grab erratically when engaged. There is also a chattering sound that can be heard. This is a clear indication that you need to replace the clutch disc. You may want to try the Fuji clutch disc for the replacement.