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GEO Metro Catalytic Converter

The benefit we enjoy with our Geo Metro and with any other automobile also carries disadvantages that affect the environment directly. The harmful elements that any automobile engine, including that of the Geo Metro, produces in the combustion process are dumped unto the air we breathe. These harnful chemicals include carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbons. Of course the authorities have made rules that regulate the production of vehicles that are smoke belchers. In due of this catalytic converters are made available.

The Geo Metro catalytic converter is a component of the vehicle's exhaust system which was purposely engineered to minimize the harmful effect of the waste products or what we usually call as exhaust gases. But this pollution-control product is only applicable for gasoline-powered engines not with diesel engines. Race cars also don't use catalytic converters or cats for short. A Geo Metro that uses such type of engine oftentimes possesses one catalytic converter. And any Geo Metro trim with gasoline engines whether it's a 2-door convertible, 3-door hatchback, 4-door sedan or 5-door hatchback can have two Geo Metro catalytic converters which would apparently make the operation work more effective.

In the process, unburned gasses which were taken out of the engine system are redirected by the exhaust manifold unto the exhaust ports on the side of the cylinder and then into a single pipe that ends up into the catalytic converter. At this point, the catalytic converter acts like afterburner, burning the exhaust gases for the last time. By the use of platinum, rhodium or palladium catalyst, the hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides are turned into water vapor, carbon dioxide and other less toxic gases.

A Geo Metro catalytic converter looks like a small muffler that's usually made of stainless steel. It is available in different types, there's dual bed catalytic converter, mini catalytic converter, open-loop catalytic converter, pellet-type catalytic converter, primary catalytic converter, single-bed 3-way catalytic converter, 3-way catalytic converter and two-way catalytic converter. Defective Geo Metro catalytic converters can be replaced by high-flow unit that carries less restrictive qualities.

This type has the capability to reduce backpressure and actually improve the vehicle's gas mileage and performance. But in removing the catalytic converter, make sure that the Geo is not going to take public roads, for doing so is considered illegal. Only gasoline engine powered vehicles with defective catalytic converters are allowed to drive within such areas without the use of the device.

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