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GEO Prizm Body Mount Kit

Body kits for Geo Prizm are not simply for improvement of the style and looks of the car's exterior but also for boosting its optimum performance and driving dynamics.

Installation of new car body kits can give a refreshed distinct look that reflects the user's personal taste and preference. It gives the car a unique and distinct identity that can set it apart from the rest. In buying, make sure that the product you will choose is matched with the car's features and other specific details or else you will just waste your money, time and effort. The parts and accessories commonly included in body kits package are ground effects kit, spoilers or wings, body panel parts, skirts and fender flares. These parts can be painted to match the desired color scheme of the user.

Ground Effects kit is used to reduce the air pressure under the car which allows the normal pressure above to push the car downward thereby giving it a lowered ground look and greater road grip. It is installed around the car's bottom to change the flow of air together with the dam and side skirts.

The same function is given by wings or spoilers although its main use is to provide greater road grip and improved acceleration without adding much weight on the car. Spoilers or wings are originally utilized by race cars to prevent slipping out of the race in case the speed is increased. Spoilers for ordinary street cars are more of a restyling add-on to achieve cool sporty look.

The fender flare is the elevated section on the side portion of the vehicle from the wheel well to the body. It is usually made of plastic, urethane or fiberglass for a muscular stance and appeal.

Just visit your nearest local store or much better, the on web based stores lined up in the net in case you want to use it to spice up the style and performance of your car.

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