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Xterra Exhaust by Gibson

The Ultimate Gibson Xterra Exhaust Guide

After a few months driving your new vehicle, you don't seem to be satisfied with its performance. Instead of buying a new car, however, you thought of buying something else-an exhaust system, like the Gibson Xterra exhaust you saw mentioned in various online forums. You wanted to give it a try, but you want to know more about it first. To help you on this case, here's what you need to know about some of Gibson's exhaust system series:

Gibson Swept Side exhaust system

  • What makes it awesome: The Gibson Swept Side exhaust system is the brand's most popular product. It gives a maximum increase in horsepower, towing power, and torque at a lower-than-average price. This component also improves a vehicle's fuel economy and features a unique tubing design that maintains a constant exhaust flow for outstanding performance. The Gibson Swept Side exhaust system is known to give out a deep and aggressive tone that makes it ideal for towing and general applications. Its emissions level is also 50-state legal so you don't have to worry about passing the emissions test with this system installed.

  • Where it fits: The Gibson Swept Side exhaust system is a direct-fit product that is recommended for vehicles used in towing applications, but it is also good for general driving performance.

Gibson Motorhome Performance exhaust system

  • What makes it awesome: The Gibson Motorhome Performance exhaust system has been designed to utmost precision and considerably tested to achieve its superior quality. It delivers maximum horsepower and torque over the widest power band to allow your engine to operate more efficiently than with any other exhausts. The quality of this system gives an optimized increase especially when your vehicle goes up the hill or when it's on a flat road. Of course, it also ensures that your car will have an improvement in its fuel economy as well as a reduction in the back-pressure for a cooler engine. It also features a unique tubing design that keeps a constant exhaust flow to achieve an outstanding performance.

  • Where it fits: the Gibson Motorhome Performance exhaust system is perfect for motorhome applications such as vehicles with GM 8.1L Workhorse, Chevrolet 7.4L P-30 Chassis, or Dodge 440 engines.

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Gibson Xterra Exhaust Articles

  • What to Expect from a Gibson Xterra Exhaust

    The makers of the Gibson Xterra exhaust claim that their product will bolster your vehicle's towing torque and improve its acceleration as well as its power throughout the RPM range. It also promises to enhance your engine's efficiency, leading to an improved fuel economy. Plus, it's said to be made of stainless steel for durability. But are all these claims for real, and would you consider to buy a Gibson Xterra exhaust for your car? These ratings may help you decide on that:

    How well does it perform? (4/5 stars)

    After you install the Gibson Xterra exhaust, give it a test drive and you will notice the improved power and torque right away. It gives off a growling sound that is not much louder than the stock system particularly when your car is on idle or running normally. However, once you go up on a ramp or floor the gas pedal you will hear a nice full roar.

    Is it easy to install? (4/5 stars)

    Installing the Gibson Xterra exhaust can be done by somebody with basic mechanical skills. The instructions included in the package contain visual aids to help you better see where the stock component is located and how the new one should be attached to the vehicle. The procedure only needs basic hand tools, too, including a set of jack stands for your safety. You might have a problem with one of the head pipes, though, as it is a bit small and may be hard to attach to the rest of the system. You can do it in about 1.5 hours without assistance from another person.

    Is it worth the price? (4/5 stars)

    Because it performs well and is easy to install, the price of the Gibson Xterra exhaust is generally worth it. However, if you are expecting the entire system to be made of stainless steel, you will likely be disappointed, as the clamps that hold the component are made of carbon steel. As long as the Gibson Xterra exhaust works to your expectations-providing improved horsepower and giving off a nice sound-then you know you're investment in this system was a smart move.

    Overall rating: 4/5