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GMC Brake Caliper

The GMC brake caliper is an important component in the brake assembly that is positioned at each vehicle wheel. Powered by a system of hydraulic brake fluid, the GMC caliper is responsible for the motion of the brake pads, enabling them to perform their function. When you apply the brake pedal in your vehicle, the hydraulic fluid applies pressure to a piston in the GMC brake caliper, which causes the brake pads to move. The brake pads are squeezed into contact with the brake disc, one on each side of the disc, to grip it tightly with the assistance of their friction coating. This produces the friction required to work against the momentum of the wheels to stop the vehicle. The proper function of the GMC brake caliper is essential to the braking system. If there is not enough pressure applied to the brake pads by the GMC brake caliper, they will be unable to grip the brake disc tightly enough to stop the wheels efficiently, lengthening the stopping distance of the vehicle. If there is a malfunction in the GMC brake caliper at one wheel, the vehicle can pull sharply to one side as the brakes are applied, making the vehicle difficult to control. Corrosion can cause these types of problems in the GMC brake caliper, or a leak in the brake fluid can leave it without the necessary pressure to operate well. We carry a selection of quality GMC brake caliper replacements, easily found in our well-organized online catalog. Our great prices and expert customer service will make ordering your GMC brake caliper quick and convenient whether you use our secure site or dial our toll free number.