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GMC C2500 Door Handle

A Quick Fix Guide to the Common Problems of the GMC C2500 Door Handle

You should always keep in mind that your GMC C2500 door handle is subject to the wear and tear of driving. That's why it's important that you know how to deal with the door handle issues. Here are some useful tips to help you:

Scratched door handles

It's very easy to have scratches on your door handles since your keys, rings, and fingernails usually touch those areas every time you open the doors. And if the paint on the area beneath the handle has peeled off, you will easily notice the scratches. To remedy this common problem, you can simply apply compound to cover up the scratches. But if the door handles are severely scratched, repainting the car door and buying new handles will be advised.

Faded door handles

Your black door handles can fade overtime, especially if parked outside the garage directly under the sun. When this happens, you will notice that the top side of your door handles is somewhat lighter in color than on the underside. While you can just simply replace these fading handles, you can, however, try fixing them. One way to make them black again is by applying degreaser. You do this when you know you've waxed your door handles before because wax can leave white residue on the surface. You can also choose to apply chemicals that restore the black color of car parts. This type of products can be easily bought from any auto supply store. But if you're ready to exert more effort, you can repaint your door handles using trim and molding paint. Just make sure that you cover the car just in case you overspray.

Cracked door handles

The door handles on your GMC can get cracked after repeated use. This is usually the case if the handles are already old and brittle. When this happens, you can try fixing the cracks first by using the basic glue gun. Make sure you heat the glue well and that you let it set before you use the door handle. But if this quick fix doesn't solve this problem, you may just want to buy a replacement part from auto supply stores.

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  • Simple Tips to Keep Your GMC C2500 Door Handle Shiny and New

    Your GMC C2500 door handle needs to be properly taken care of to maintain its shiny and clean look. If you don't pay much attention to it, your door handle can get scratched and have dirt buildups. To prevent your door handles from looking dull and old, follow these simple tips:

    Wash with soap and water.

    Don't forget to wash your door handles when you're washing your car with a mixture of mild dishwashing soap and warm water using a sponge. Make sure that you thoroughly clean them, especially the area beneath the handle to get rid of any accumulated dirt and grime. If you're satisfied with how clean they are, you can wipe the door handles with a microfiber cloth to dry them off.

    Apply polishing compound.

    To make sure that your door handles don't look dull and old, you need to polish them with a good-quality polishing compound that you can buy from auto supply stores. But before using it, read the instructions at the back to achieve good results. Just keep in mind to use a non-abrasive cloth when you rub the polishing compound on the door handles and on the area beneath them. Also, you can use this compound to cover up the scratches on your door handles. Although getting rid of the scratches can be a tough job, especially if there are many, you will maintain your door handles' top condition though.

    Glaze the surface.

    You can apply glaze on your door handles too after you've polished them. Doing this will make the deeper scratches and marks less noticeable. If you rub this on your handles, you can bet that they will look as shiny as new. However, you may need to re-apply this the next time you clean your car for continuous protection for your door handles.

    Be careful.

    Of course, you need to be extra careful the next time you use the door handles to avoid scratching them because you will end up polishing and glazing them again. Simple things like keeping your keys, rings, and fingernails from touching the handle and the area beneath it should preserve the smooth and shiny look of your door handles. You would also want to do this because too much friction from polishing can quickly deteriorate the door handles' coating.