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GMC Canyon Grille Assembly

Common Issues with a GMC Canyon Grille Assembly

The front of a car, with the engines and the radiator in it, needs protection. Since it's the first thing that encounters debris and other materials when moving at the highway, it needs to be the first thing covered up as well. This job of covering up is done by the grille assembly. Grille assemblies do not protect the engine and radiator of a car only; they offer design variations as well. As with any part of the car, though, grille assemblies do also suffer from different problems as discussed below:

Cracked assemblies

There was a time before when grille assemblies were simpler. Being simple parts, these grille assemblies required basic knowledge of installation to be installed properly. However, time and design complexities presented other different concepts which were also quite complicated to install. Installation of these also became quite hard, that some improperly installed grille assemblies suffered cracks and other damage from it.

Debris damage

Grille assemblies get damaged from different problems encountered while driving on the road. Some of these problems may come in the form of debris or accidents. These may leave the grille broken, opening up the inside of the engine room to different contaminants that may come from outside. Since the grille acts as covering for the engine and other parts inside the hood, it may be best for you to change your broken grille assembly at the soonest.


Corrosion is the number one enemy of car parts which are made partly or entirely of metal. Parts that are corroded have a tendency to become weaker, thus losing properties which makes them protectors in the first place. Since grille assemblies are made of chrome metal, they are not as prone to corrosion as the others, but still susceptible nevertheless. It would be a very wise idea to have your grille assembly replaced at the first sign of corrosion. Another way to save money would be to have your grille painted into the color of your choice.

Other things to remember

It is important not to delay on the replacement of damaged grille assemblies for your vehicle. Since they also improve the appearance of your car, quickly replaced grille assemblies will not only improve your car's performance. It will also improve the overall appearance and look of your vehicle as well.

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  • Keeping your GMC Canyon Grille Assembly in Good Shape

    Different road and weather conditions can introduce a lot of problems to your car's engines. Debris and other contaminants may enter it without fail, if not for your car's grille assembly. It serves as one of a car's defense against any harmful material that may enter it. If not for the grille assembly, your car may experience a break down every thousand miles or so. In order to continue to keep your car running for a time, check out these tips:

    Paint your car grille

    Painting your car grille doesn't only add a different look to your car. An added benefit of having a painted car grille is that it protects the grille from different road conditions you may encounter. A car grille is one of the more exposed parts of a car, and protecting it with a coat of water-resistant paint will work wonders against corrosion and other water-related damage. Remember to roughen the grille up with sandpaper if you're using a chrome grille.

    Repair broken grilles

    A broken car grille can either be replaced or repaired. If you're short on money but have plenty of time, you may opt to fix your car grille. A broken car grille can be repaired or re-made depending on the scale of the damage it suffered. It may be wise for you to have the experienced hand of a repairman available in fixing up your car grille.

    Retro-fit cracked assemblies

    You may have damaged a car grille during installation and still want to use it. The good news is you can have your car grille retrofitted. The benefit of this is that with so few designs available, retrofitting your car grille gives you an option to have something that no one else has. The results of retrofitting and the scope of designs available are limited only by your imagination.

    Choose the correct grilles

    One of the common problems among grilles is that owners sometimes try to use different size grilles because of their appearance. They try to make it fit, and they end up damaging a grille which cost them a lot of money. It would have been better to retrofit your old grille. Remember to only use a grille which was made specifically for your car model to avoid unnecessary costs.