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GMC Corner Light

GMC has several models ranging from small, mid-, and full-size trucks, SUVs, vans, and Commercial vehicle both light duty and medium duty. All these incorporate the power and safety of the true GMC vehicles standard that has been the pattern of all GMC for the past century of car making. But latest models like the Sierra, Canyon, Envoy, Yukon, Savana, and Safari among others redefines the meaning of the GMC. It does not just stick with power and safety; it also adopts style and utility. With these elements, GMC has several parts and accessories that will enhance the image and attitude of the GMC.

One basic part of every GMC vehicle that serves a good purpose in terms of safety is the corner lights. Like headlights, tail lights, windshield wipers, door handles, fenders, hood, mirror, grille and other parts of the vehicle, the GMC corner lights or sometimes called side markers serve specific purpose that is inevitable component of the whole GMC vehicle.

Sometimes part of the headlight assembly like the GMC Envoy the GMC corner lights' main purpose is to signal other vehicle as to the direction of where you are turning. Either left or right, the corner lights acts as a warning light flashing in succession.

With the distinguished headlight assembly the GMC, it is sometimes located under the upper headlight and attached to the daytime running lights like that from the Yukon, Safari, and Sierra. Some GMC models like the Savana has the corner lights attached independently right below the headlights.

Corner lights are also attached and part of the taillight assembly. With the rest like the reverse light and brake light, the corner light is very important to the safety of the vehicles. Its main purpose is to warn the vehicles behind of the intention to either change lane or turn left or right. As an additional precaution, some vehicles have corner lights on fenders.