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GMC Driveshaft

The GMC driveshaft is crucial to your vehicle, responsible for transmitting the torque power produced by the engine to the differential, which delivers that power to the drive wheels of the vehicle. Without the efficient function of the GMC driveshaft, the wheels would be unable to rotate, leaving the vehicle unable to move down the road to transport you through your daily travels. The GMC driveshaft is connected to the output shaft of the vehicle transmission at one end, and to the differential pinion at the other, running the length of the vehicle. With this length, the GMC driveshaft must be supported in order to remain straight and balanced, enabling it to operate without damage and excessive vibration. This necessary support is provided by the strategic placement of a number of universal joints along the GMC driveshaft, which hold it securely in place while allowing just enough flex to compensate for the motion of the vehicle suspension. The universal joints must maintain this rather delicate balance between flexibility and secure placement to keep the GMC driveshaft in good operating condition. Too much flexibility could allow the GMC driveshaft to become bent or damaged, causing an excess of vibration and noise as it spins at the speed of the engine that can cause severe damage to other drive train components. If such damage becomes evident, immediate repair is necessary to avoid such damage to sensitive drive train parts. You will find a selection of GMC driveshaft replacement parts easily available in our well-organized online catalog. Our excellent prices and expert customer service will make ordering your GMC driveshaft replacement safe quick and convenient whether you use our secure site, or dial our toll-free phone number.