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GMC Fan Blade

The GMC fan blade is an important component, assisting the cooling system in maintaining a safe operating temperature for the engine. The GMC fan blade is often powered by an electric motor, using a thermostatic switch to determine the temperature in the engine compartment of the vehicle, rotating the GMC fan blade only when the need for its assistance in the cooling process is indicated. This system is used in most late model and front wheel drive vehicles, while in older model vehicles the GMC fan blade is often powered by a fan belt. The belt driven cooling fan system draws power directly from the engine to rotate the GMC fan blade, using a pulley mounted on the engine to drive a belt, which in turn drives the cooling fan. Many belt driven systems use a fan clutch to provide a variable speed for the rotation of the GMC fan blade, conserving engine power by allowing the rotation to slow when it is not necessary for engine cooling. The GMC fan blade pulls cool air in through the radiator to assist with the dissipation of engine heat when the motion of the vehicle is too slow to carry in a sufficient flow of air through the grille to the radiator. The supplemental flow of air provided by the GMC fan blade is necessary to prevent engine overheating when the vehicle is idling or moving at a slow rate of speed. Our online catalog offers a selection of quality GMC fan blade replacements all at very affordable prices. Ordering from our user-friendly site is quick and very secure or you can dial our convenient toll-free number to receive the courteous assistance of our expert customer service professionals to choose and order your GMC fan blade.