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GMC Fog Light

In one instant or another, GMC drivers will encounter poor road conditions. This might come as heavy traffic caused by road accidents, heavy rains, awful road condition and a lot more. We cannot do anything about these but whenever GMC drivers encounter poor visibility caused by fog, one thing is certain, we need to have GMC fog light. Sure. We can say that when we are driving on foggy roads, it is not practical to install set of fog lights just to cope with the road condition. What we can do is to have it installed before hand so that we are prepared with this condition.

GMC fog lights are very useful to provide extra glow on the road. Remember that the average good road visibility on the road is more than a hundred yards. If it happens to be lower than that it is necessary to use fog lights both for front and for rear. It might have happened to you that when you drive on foggy road, you tend to slow down. With fog lights, you can see the road clearer and farther.
Some GMC vehicles already have a standard fog lights, but some, especially those in lower trims comes without it.

Front fog lights are usually attached at the front bumper about 10-24 inches from the ground. But proper attachment should be considered so as to minimize the amount of return glare into the driver's eyes and to minimize glare into oncoming eyes. These considerations are vital when installing these set of fog lights.

The rear fog lights on the other hand usually a single red light as bright as a brake light. This can only be used in visibility under 50 yards. Of course, they are called fog lights because rarely does your visibility drop to such a dangerous level in normal rain or snow like it can in fog.

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    The GMC fog light is a great addition to the lighting system of a vehicle, providing better visibility in poor weather conditions for safer driving. The standard vehicle headlight is sufficient for regular night visibility, but in poor weather conditions, especially thick fog, their effectiveness can be severely reduced. Fog presents its own unique problem for visibility, reflecting the beam of the headlight away. The thick swirling haze can make the headlight more of a hindrance than a help, scattering the beam to further obscure vision. The high beams are definitely of no use in the fog, reflecting terribly to blind you to the road ahead. The GMC fog light is designed for just this situation, producing a beam that can cut through the heavy fog to illuminate the road ahead, allowing safe visibility for the driver. The GMC fog light is placed below the standard headlight to spread its light pattern low and to the side of the vehicle, avoiding reflection by the fog for a safe view ahead. Visibility in other weather conditions can be aided by the GMC fog light as well, its beam helping to cut through heavy rain and snow. If your vehicle has not been equipped with a set of fog lights, there are many GMC fog light kits available to upgrade your lighting system, adding an extra measure of safety in dangerous weather conditions. Our online catalog carries a selection of GMC fog light kits and replacement parts at very reasonable prices. Our secure site makes ordering safe and easy or our toll-free phone line can take your GMC fog light order just as efficiently.