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GMC Hood

The car hood is basically another type of door that is consists of an inner and an outer panel. The inner panel provides strength. The outer panel is a metal cover, or "skin". The underside of the hood is often covered with a sound-absorbing material. Some high performance cars have openings in the hood to allow the engine to "breathe" easier. "Hood scoops" are used to channel outside air directly to the air filter, which gives improved performance and efficiency.

In the case of GMC vehicles, hood offers the best protection against materials that may hard the engine underneath. It gives an added sound reduction component that immensely reduces those unwanted sound it emits. Every GMC vehicle possesses stylish hood design that conforms to the whole body and contributes to the overall image of the vehicle. Its big and bold hood gives enough impression of power. Some GMC hoods are dressed with decals and scoops for added beauty and functionality. Hood bra and front end covers are also some accessories that can be placed on the hood.

In addition, GMC hood reduce the risk of injury in case of accidents for it consist of safety features like crumple zones that help prevent severe damage to the safety cage while reducing the crash forces inside it thus protecting the passenger on board. These features immensely change the reputation of the GMC from just tough pickup into a tough pickup that protects the safety of its passengers.

GMC Hood Models