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GMC Intake Manifold

GMC Intake Manifold

The air and fuel mixture that serve as the blood that gives life to the various components making up the car is supplied from the engine through the passageways and chambers that facilitate the smooth flow and transfer of the mixture. One of the devices that connect the fuel and air management components of the car is the intake manifold. It is composed of pipes and tubes which serve as the passageway of the fuel-air mixture that passes from the fuel injector or carburetor to the intake valves of the cylinder.

The type of intake manifold to be used is also dependent upon the make or model. GMC vehicles have its own set of GMC intake manifold system although other aftermarket replacements can as well be used provided that it is suited to the specs and configurations that the car requires. Among the commonly used types are single planes, dual plane and isolated runner intake manifold systems.

The single plane types have several subcategories which include open plenum, single-plane with partial divider plate, divided single-plane, tunnel-ram and cross-ram. Single plane manifolds has lesser weight but more height for much better alignment of the runner and roof of the intake ports. The tunnel ram type is a type of a single plane manifold but it has added features for greater volumetric efficiency. Its features are similar with the tunnel ram type but the difference lies on the capacity and the length of the runner.

Dual plane intake manifold systems are usually used for passenger cars. Unlike the single plane, it is made up of complex castings which add up to its over-all weight. Isolated runner manifolds on the other hand are utilized for high performance engine. Its main purpose is to connect the intake port to the slide or throttle disc.