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GMC K15 Door Handle

What to Do When Your GMC K15 Door Handle Fails

Having a broken door handle is one of the most frustrating problems you could ever encounter with your car. Whether it's the external or internal door handle you're having trouble with, it would surely cause you a great deal of inconvenience, which could only eat up every inch of patience you have. But before you go screaming, kicking your car door, and hurting yourself in the process, here are tips on what you can do should you encounter such problem. Listed below are components that you might want to check to find out why your GMC K15 door handle malfunctioned:

Broken or missing cable

When your door handle is not working, remove it from the door panel to inspect it for damage. Remove the screw or lock holding the handle and look for the cable or rod attached to it. If it's broken or missing, replace it as soon as possible. You might have to provide a new clip as well.

In replacing the door handle, take note of the latching links and other cables. Make sure that once you remove these connections, you know pretty much where and how to properly reconnect them.

Door handle linkage malfunction

If your exterior door handle doesn't seem to work but the interior door handle is functioning well, check if the linkage from the exterior handle is out of adjustment. If it is too short, then that is what's causing the problem. You need to lengthen this linkage by turning the socket at the end of the linkage rod counter-clockwise.

Other issues

Sometimes, rust can be found just under your door handle. Examine if it is already pitted, which would require a body shop repair work. However, if you try to scratch on it with your fingernail and found it to be smooth, you can simply use a polishing compound to buff the stain out. Once you have removed the rust, put on an adequate amount of metal polish or coat it with clear lacquer. To prevent or slow down another occurrence of corrosion, apply sealant over the repaired area. Also, you may need to repaint your door handle for a nice finish.

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  • How to Keep Your GMC K15 Door Handle Looking Good

    Aside from ensuring that your GMC K15 door handle is working, you need to pay attention to how it looks as well. Having a door handle that looks old and shabby could actually affect the overall aesthetics of your vehicle, so make sure that you don't neglect this part. It may not have anything to do with your engine's performance or with the full operation of your car, but can you imagine the inconvenience and frustration a door handle problem would cause you? And to think that you could have prevented this nuisance if you took proper care of it. Follow these tips and you're sure to have a smooth, nice-looking GMC K15 door handle:

    Frequently clean the door handle.

    Washing your door handle is very important in keeping it clean and looking new. It wouldn't even take so much of your time. Just make sure you use appropriate cleaning agents like the ph-balanced car soap. Also, you might want to clay the door handle to keep its surface smooth, clear, and free from impurities. However, if you think that it is not necessary to clay the handle, you can just decontaminate it with a paint cleanser.

    Watch out for scratches.

    Inspect the door handle for scratches, which could have possibly resulted from contact with metals that accidentally scrape against it. Get rid of these scratches by applying compound. Make sure that you do not overpolish to prevent premature deterioration of your door handle's clear coat. Also, the applicator that you are going to use for the compound should be abrasive enough to be effective.

    Remove accumulated rust.

    You may notice rust accumulating especially on the corners of your door handle. Applying compound over the corroded area or sanding it down could solve the problem. Also, it would be best to put sealant over the affected area so that another case of corrosion could be avoided. Make sure that you clean off the dirt and grime on the door handle before removing the rust.

    Check door handle components.

    Check the actuator rod and the bolts connected to the door handle. If these parts are already worn out or damaged, replace them immediately. If the whole unit is damaged, find a correct replacement for it.