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GMC Knock Sensor

Today's modern engine depends on many different sensors to send information to the engine's computer, which uses the data to ensure that your GMC runs efficiently. One of the many sensors in this network is the GMC knock sensor. When the air and fuel mixture is ignited, the most efficient burn is achieved very near to the point of harmful detonation. The job of the GMC knock sensor is to detect when the spark timing nears this point, allowing the computer to retard the timing, in order to avoid damage to the engine. It does this by translating the vibration of a near-detonation into an electrical signal that the computer can understand. The GMC knock sensor is very similar to a small microphone. It uses a special crystal, called a piezoelectric crystal, that has the unique ability to produce electricity when it is introduced to vibration. Unfortunately, piezoelectric devices are not the most heavy-duty items, and after many years, it will be necessary to replace the GMC knock sensor, in order for the vehicle to run properly. When it fails, the ability of the computer to set the correct spark timings is seriously hampered. When you must replace your GMC knock sensor, you will find the appropriate part for most vehicles in our online catalog, at a great price compared to other retailers. It is made to be a direct replacement for the original part and it meets all of the same quality standards. When it becomes time to order a new GMC knock sensor for your vehicle, visit our web site, where you will find that our secure online ordering system is very easy to use, or, if you prefer, you may place your order with a toll-free call to our sales department.