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GMC Oil Pan

The lubrication system in your GMC ensures that your engine runs reliably for many years. The GMC oil pan is one of the essential parts in this system. It is located on the bottom of the engine, with a rubber gasket between it and the engine. When you start your engine in the morning, all of the oil is located in the GMC oil pan. As the engine runs, the oil pump circulates the oil through the engine, and then when the vehicle is turned off, the oil drains back down into the GMC oil pan. In order to protect the engine completely, a constant level of oil must be maintained. As the vehicle ages, however, a few things can happen to the oil pan that will cause a leak. The rubber gasket will eventually start to decay, and when a leak forms, the gasket must be replaced. In addition, corrosion or a physical impact may compromise the steel of the GMC oil pan. When you need the gasket or the entire unit, you will find the correct part for most vehicles in our online catalog, often for a much lower price than other retailers would charge. The GMC oil pan and gasket are manufactured to meet or exceed the specifications of the original parts and they can be trusted to meet or exceed the performance level of the original. When installing the new parts, care must be taken when tightening the bolts, because too much pressure could warp the pan, creating an improper seal. To order the GMC oil pan for your vehicle, visit our convenient and secure web site, or place your order by phone, with a toll-free call to our sales department.