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GMC Performance Pulleys

On the front of your GMC's engine are several components that are driven by a belt from the crankshaft, including the fan, the alternator, the air conditioner, and the water pump. Every accessory connected to the engine reduces the total amount of power that is produced by the vehicle, but with a GMC performance pulley installed on each one, you can gain some of that power back. In our large online catalog, you will find a complete set for many performance vehicles, at a great price. The GMC performance pulley reduces the amount of power a component needs by changing the mechanical advantage between the accessory and the crankshaft, and by reducing the weight of the pulley itself. With the full set installed, the engine can produce more than 10 extra horsepower. If your original pulleys are steel, there are versions of the GMC performance pulley kit that are made out of aluminum, for some vehicles, which will increase the benefits of the system even more. While the kit is a great way to add power, it will also add a custom look to your engine. Unlike the plain part that it replaces, each GMC performance pulley is polished to a mirror-like finish that will look great with the rest of your custom components. In our online catalog, you will find many other performance parts for your vehicle, as well as many replacement parts and accessories. If you are ready to give your vehicle an extra bit of power, the new GMC performance pulley kit can be ordered through our web site, with our fully encrypted ordering system, or over the phone, by calling our sales department, toll-free.