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GMC Sierra 1500 HD Body Lift Kit

Common Causes of Problems with the GMC Sierra 1500 HD Body Lift Kit

Nothing beats the feeling of driving a GMC Sierra 1500 HD with a great body lift kit. Aside from trimming up your vehicle when installing bigger tires, raising your body or suspension also gives your vehicle a higher profile and a rugged new look. However, getting your GMC Sierra 1500 HD to ride higher will also result in changes in your vehicle's behavior and drivability. That's why it's important to take note of the problems that you could encounter the possible causes behind them.

The vehicle's front tires are wobbling from side to side.

If your GMC Sierra 1500HD's front tires wobbles from side to side while driving, it is most likely experiencing wheel shimmy. Don't forget that a vehicle becomes less stable and more wobbly especially in sharp turns at high speeds when it has been raised higher. This problem is generally caused by misalignment of the steering linkage. However, this could also be the result of installing a new body lift kit, a heavy winch, or oversized wheels and tires. The geometry of your vehicle's suspension will be greatly affected by these kinds of alterations in your GMC Sierra 1500HD. Getting a good set of steering stabilizers will help in reducing wheel shimmy on your lifted rig.

The speedometer and odometer read slower than the vehicle's actual speed.

If you're experiencing errors in your speedometer and odometer's readings, this is mainly because there have been alterations made in your vehicle like the change in the size of the tires. These changes will cause your GMC Sierra 1500HD's speedometer and odometer to read slower than your vehicle's actual speed. It may also result to altered transmission shift points, traction control, and ABS functionality. Changing the gear located at the end of the speedometer cable usually solves is problem for older trucks. For the modern trucks, the Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) will do the trick.

The vehicle vibrates while being driven.

Some of the possible causes of drivability issues such as axle hop, loss of suspension damping, and vibrations are low-quality shocks and generic suspension tuning. However, this problem could also be caused by an incorrect vehicle trim height because the vehicle's body and frame is positioned away from the differentials. Adding spacers with stock axles should solve this problem.

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  • Helpful Tips on How to Keep Your GMC Sierra 1500HD Body Lift Kit in Top Condition

    One of the reasons why your GMC Sierra 1500HD has an appealing rugged look is the body lift kit installed in your vehicle. Aside from giving it a better look, your body lift kit is also responsible in trimming up your vehicle if you're going to install larger tires. Although putting on new performance shocks and some brackets can also increase your car's height, nothing can jazz up your GMC Sierra 1500HD like a quality body lift kit. That's why it's important that you know how to keep your body lift kit in good condition. Here are a few helpful tips in body lift kit maintenance.

    • Pair it with the right components.
    • Your body lift kit doesn't only raise your vehicle's frame, it also increases the distance between the axles and the frame. To keep you body lift kit in top condition, make sure that you have the right components installed in your vehicle to work with it. Get a kit that comes with a set of shocks that are long enough, the right brake lines, extend sway bars, and steering linkage. You may also need longer shackles that will absorb new length of your lift springs and allow them to flatten or flex. It is highly recommended to use braided steel brake lines because they are good in holding up under the stress of bringing bigger tires to a stop.
    • Keep the original washers.
    • Keep your GMC Sierra 1500HD's stock body mount washers when you are installing a new body lift kit. These washers were designed by the factory to work specially for that application that's why it's important to re-use them with the new body lift hardware. It would also be best to re-use some of the other stock washers especially those at the bottom of the body or cab mount bushings. Just take note of how these bolts were initially set up so you can easily re-use them with the new body lift kit.
    • Watch the height.
    • Make sure that your GMC Sierra 1500's body lift kit is not too tall and not too short. Four inches is the recommended height. Going above four inches will make your vehicle lean more in banked turns like off-ramps and freeway interchanges. Aside from that, it will also make your car unstable in sharp turns. Also, if your lift kit is too tall, your vehicle's roof might scrape against your garage door. And if it's too short, you might end up mauling your chassis the moment you hit the pavement.