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GMC Sierra 1500 HD Headlight Assembly

On the Case with GMC Sierra 1500 HD Headlight Assembly Diagnosis

The GMC Sierra 1500 HD headlight assembly is built to keep you safe from dark tunnels and the night sky. In time however, batteries weaken, moisture builds up inside, and electronics falter. This of course leads to the headlight assembly not being able to function properly, which could lead to a disastrous road accident if unprevented. If you are starting to have issues regarding your GMC Sierra 1500 HD headlight assembly, then you better start doing some troubleshooting. Listed below are some of the common problems associated with the part, as well as their causes and some quick solutions:

Lights not working

If your headlight assembly ceased to function, then there are two things to check: the bulbs and the wirings. Burnt out bulbs are usually common occurrences, especially if you have been using them for quite some time. If this is the case, then it is as easy as unscrewing the defective bulbs and putting on a new one. As for the wirings, it could range from corroded wires, blown fuses, or broken switches. Be sure to check carefully so that you will not misdiagnose the problem.

Brightness fluctuations

When you experience your headlight assembly suddenly going dim, or flicker on and off, but the bulbs and wires are working fine, then go look at your vehicle's battery. Use a voltmeter to measure the battery's strength and whether it is able to give out enough power to activate the lights properly. Another possible cause could be the alternator. A defective one could weaken the battery's charge. This in turn would result in it slowly losing its power. Because it can't recover, it will eventually power out and kill the lights. Do not simply ignore this problem, as it could cause a vehicular accident, especially during the night.

Incorrect aim

Place your car inside your garage and turn off the lights. Turn on your headlight assembly and measure whether or not it is aiming at the correct angle. If the alignment is wrong, then adjust the headlight lenses. Correct aim is important to prevent your vehicle from blinding anyone in front of you.

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  • Keeping the GMC Sierra 1500 HD Headlight Assembly in Tiptop Shape 04 March 2014

    The primary function of the GMC Sierra 1500 HD headlight assembly is to make sure that you stay visible even in the darkest places. If this ceases to function properly, you would be left blind and driving through the night would simply be tempting fate. Other problems such as wrong beam aim could cause inconvenience to other people, which would then lead to a possible car crash. To make sure that your headlight assembly could keep working in optimal condition, then follow this simple list of maintenance tips made just for you:

    • Routinely check light brightness
    • To keep your headlight assembly's brightness consistent, always check the battery's power and make sure that the bulbs are not burning out. Be sure to check if wiring of the assembly. Look for any signs of corrosion in the sockets. Also, inspect the fuses and switches and make sure they are still working in good condition. There are also cases where rodents could climb into the vehicle. Check nooks and crannies for any rats that might chew on the wires and possibly disconnect the lights.
    • Keep lenses clear
    • As you drive along, dirt and various debris get attached to your headlight assembly. These could chip away your lenses, decreasing visibility. If not dealt with, they could also cause glares to pop out while you are driving, which could be very troublesome for you and other drivers. Give your lenses a good scrub and clean them thoroughly. The best way to keep your lenses as clear as possible is by getting a headlight restoration kit. These are not that expensive and could cost you more than what your paid for in terms or car safety.
    • Maintain proper beam alignment
    • The light beams in your headlight assembly should always be on the same, correct height. If not, this could hinder the other drivers by you creating a blind spot for them. Place your car somewhere dark and in front of a wall. Open up the lights and see which light needs adjustment. Use a tape measure to ensure that the beams would aim at the exact place that you want.