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GMC Sierra 1500 Turn Signal Switch

Diagnosing Common Problems with Your GMC Sierra 1500 Turn Signal Switch

You're driving on a dark road when the driver of the vehicle in front of you decides to turn. You were both doing 80, and you had to step on your brakes fast to avoid hitting the other car. You shake your head as you drive away and realize that he could have activated his turn signal before turning. Your GMC Sierra 1500 turn signal switch serves this very important safety function-it lets other drivers know that you're planning to turn so that an accident can be prevented. Once it fails, you should check if it can be repaired or replaced completely. Remember that activating your turn signal each time you change lanes is very useful. It will warn a driver of a car that you might not have seen because it was in your blind spot. Listed below are a few tips on diagnosing common problems with your turn signal switch:

Unusual clicking noises

The GMC Sierra 1500 is known to have a problem with the turn signal switch. Yours might develop a clicking sound coming from the flasher. When you deactivate your turn signal, the clicking noise should stop. However, a turn signal switch problem in your GMC Sierra can cause the noise to stay after the turn signals are deactivated. Inspect the condition of the turn signal switch and check if it needs replacing. It would be good to check for wiring problems as well.

Left or right turn signal lamp failure

This is unfortunately one of the most common issues found in most vehicles. Either one of the left or right signal lamp does not turn on when the turn signal switch is activated. This is usually attributed to a bad bulb or socket. If none of these two components are damaged, check the wire between the flasher and the column plug for any damage. You can also check if there are any bent or burned pins on the plug, and replace it if necessary. If none of these parts are compromised, you can check the column harness between the plug and the switch for cut connections or exposed wires. Finally, you can check if the turn signal switch itself is damaged and needs repairing or replacing.

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  • Keeping Your GMC Sierra 1500 Turn Signal Switch in Peak Condition

    Your GMC Sierra 1500 turn signal switch-accompanied by several other components-takes care of letting fellow drivers know you're planning to turn. It contributes a lot to safety, as it serves as a warning signal for other drivers on the road. The failure of a turn signal switch can be very embarrassing and inconvenient for you. So, here are a few maintenance tips you can follow to make sure your turn signal switch lasts long:

    Inspect the condition of your wires and other turn signal components frequently.

    Frequent inspection of your wires for exposed or cut parts is necessary if you want to prolong the life of your turn signal switch. Besides visual inspection, it's also a good practice to use a digital volt-ohm meter to check if the flasher or the fuse are working. Use the same ohmmeter to check if the wire between the plug and the turn signal switch is working. Finally, measure from the wire coming from the flasher to the steering column plug. Following these steps regularly can help you find out if any of the components need replacing. In an electrical system, failure of one part might affect the functionality of the other components.

    Clean the turn signal circuit system regularly.

    The turn signal circuit is made up of the fuse, relay, flasher, instrument cluster, the turn signal bulbs and sockets, and last but not the least, the turn signal switch. Although taking it apart takes a lot of time and effort, set some time every week or so to do it so you can clean the circuit's parts. The turn signal system works as a whole, and damage to individual components might eventually affect the performance of the turn signal switch. A switch can get gummed up over time, so clean it with electric contact cleaner and lubricate it with WD40. Alternately, you can lightly spray electric contact cleaner into the switch without taking the whole system apart. Just make sure you don't get any of the cleaner on your interior's painted surfaces, as it can damage the finish on plastic and other surfaces. If you don't do this as often as you should, the turn signal switch at the handlebar might become sluggish and will not move easily.