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GMC Sierra C3 Rear Fender

Tips to Keep Your GMC Sierra C3 Rear Fender in the Best Condition

The rear fender of your GMC Sierra C3 prevents road spray like sand, mud rocks, and liquid from being thrown up in the air or on the car's surface by a rotating tire. Since the fender takes on a tough job, especially when you drive your pickup on off-road trails, it can be cracked or damaged through time. The following maintenance tips will help maximize the lifespan of your rear fender, so you can save money instead of buying a replacement.

  • Clean the rear fender regularly.
  • Since dirt and grime can easily build up and stick on the inner wheel fender, the fender should be checked and the dirt and grime must be removed at least once a month. This is the same case with road salt in the winter season. It can cause rust when once it covers the rear fender. These impurities can be removed simply by spraying them with water from a high-pressure hose and scrubbing them off with soap and sponge.

  • Paint the rear fender when its surface already has deep scratches.
  • Deep scratches on the surface of the rear fender can worsen and may lead to breakage sooner or later, so you should act quickly whenever they already visible. By repairing the fender using sandpaper, flexible part sealer, and paint along with other materials, it will regain not only its top condition, but also its aesthetic appeal.

  • Remove the rear fender properly using the right set of tools.
  • If you want to remove the rear fender of your pickup, whether you want to paint or clean it, use the right wrench, socket set, and screwdrivers to remove it. This will avoid any damage or dent on the rear fender. Aside from that, make sure that other parts like the plastic rivets are placed together on a safe location, so you can reattach the rear fender easily.

  • Protect the surface of the rear fender with the right product.
  • There are automotive products sold in the market today that could give shine to the rear fender while protecting it from the harmful effects of the sun. Applying the right type of product will prevent it from cracking or fading.

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