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GMC Starter

The GMC starter converts energy from its electric motor into mechanical energy to begin the combustion process, starting the engine. Drawing its power from the battery when the ignition switch is engaged, the GMC starter turns the crankshaft of the engine for several rotations, which causes the function of the engine parts needed to begin combustion. The GMC starter completes this task by using its electric motor to power a starter pinion gear that is designed to mesh with a ring gear on the engine flywheel. To increase the torque output of the electric motor, most models of the GMC starter then use a gear reduction to turn the engine crankshaft. Once the engine has started to run independently and the ignition switch is released, the GMC starter motor is automatically turned off and disengaged from the flywheel. The GMC starter is generally found at the rear of the engine or at the front of the transmission bell housing according to the model of your vehicle. Starting a cold engine is a tough job, as the GMC starter must work against the friction produced by the engine parts before the oil has warmed to lubricate them. Eventually, the GMC starter will show wear from the hard work it does everyday, becoming less efficient as time goes on. As the GMC starter begins to wear it may begin to draw heavily on the battery, and have trouble starting the vehicle. Our online catalog features a selection of quality GMC starter replacements, all at very reasonable prices. Our site is secure and efficient, making it easy to order your GMC starter or the great customer service staff on our toll-free phone line will be happy to help you place your order.

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