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GMC Timing Belt

Running from the small metal gear on the crankshaft to the large metal gear on the camshaft is your GMC timing belt. This is a small part of your engine that plays a big role. The GMC timing belt is made with durable rubber material fitted with custom teeth that turn both the camshaft and the crankshaft. The GMC timing belt keeps these crucial parts in perfect synchronization. Without it, your engine would not have the right compression and your ignition would misfire. There is quite a bit riding on your GMC timing belt. That's why it is so important to make sure your GMC timing belt is in good repair. Unfortunately, it is often the case that you can't tell when your timing belt is going to fail until it does break. A broken GMC timing belt can damage your engine. It is recommended that you replace your GMC timing belt at regular intervals according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Misfiring is not the only effect caused by a broken or worn GMC timing belt. You may experience poor running, loss of power, or valve clatter that can develop into serious engine damage if the valves crash into the pistons. Some people believe that replacing their GMC timing belt with a timing chain is a better solution, but that is not always the case. GMC timing belts actually have less stretch than chains, which keeps your camshaft timing running longer at optimum efficiency. If your engine timing is off, you can't accelerate as quickly. This can cause serious problems on the highway. Whatever make and model vehicle you own, you can find your replacement GMC timing belt in our online catalogue with convenient 24-hour ordering via our online server or toll-free customer service number.