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GMC Wheel Bearing

Inside the wheel hubs on your vehicle are your GMC wheel bearings. You may not know they are there, but these components are essential to the operation of your vehicle. GMC wheel bearings are either roller or ball bearings that are responsible for bearing the weight of the vehicle. Bad GMC wheel bearings will usually make whining, squealing, or grinding noises similar to sounds you may hear when your brake pads are worn down. However, if your GMC wheel bearings fail, you will lose more than braking power. Bad GMC wheel bearings can cause your tires to come off your vehicle if they are not replaced in time. You may have heard that you need to replace your GMC wheel bearings if you have had your front brakes repaired. If your brakes are still functioning and you have not checked your GMC wheel bearings lately, you may want to make a point of doing just that. Most manufacturers recommend cleaning, inspecting and repacking your GMC wheel bearings every 30,000 miles. If your GMC wheel bearings are scored, pitted, or noisy, cleaning and repacking are not enough to stave off potential disaster. At this point you will need to replace your GMC wheel bearings. You will find a great selection of GMC wheel bearings in our online catalogue. Be sure to select the GMC wheel bearings that are made for your vehicle's make and model, as you do not want your wheels to fall off while you're driving. It is a good idea to take preventative measures after you have installed your new GMC wheel bearings. Keeping your GMC wheel bearings lubricated can help to extend the life of this essential part.