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GMC Yukon XL 2506 Parts and GMC Yukon XL 2506 Accessories

GMC Yukon XL 2506 Common Problems

One of the largest SUVs available on the market, the GMC Yukon XL features a fresh and comfortable interior. While several versions of this vehicle were released through the years, the latest model will carry over a recent redesign of a sleek body mounted on a strong frame. Due to its new features that are introduced every year, more and more SUV buyers are opting for this vehicle. However, prospective owners should also take note of the common problems that the GMC Yukon XL 2506 has.


One of the common problems owners encountered with the GMC Yukon XL 2506 parts is the SUV's equipment, particularly the seat covers. The covers, which were manufactured and sold as aftermarket equipment for various passenger vehicles, were made of heavier thread. Because of their material, the seat covers were not compatible with the Yukon XL's seats containing side airbags. Their heavy thread could interfere with full deployment of the airbag in case of a collision. If the airbag was improperly deployed, the driver or passenger could get seriously injured.

In 2010, Marathon Seat Covers, Inc., the company that manufactured the seat covers, notified affected owners recorded by GM and replaced the seat cover free of charge.

Gasoline fuel system

The gasoline version of Yukon XL also had problems with its fuel system. Some replacement fuel filters had connectors that were not manufactured according to what was specified. Because of this, the o-ring may not seat correctly on the fuel line. This problem may cause an inadequate seal at the connection with the possibility of leading to a fuel leak. If this happened in the presence of an ignition source, there's a chance that a fire could occur.

In 2006, Honeywell International, Inc., the manufacturer of the faulty fuel filter, notified Yukon XL owners and replaced their fuel filters for free.

Other issues

Aside from the two recalls, GM also issued several technical service bulletins regarding other common problems, including:

  • Electrical system, in which there was intermittent illumination of service lamps, service messages, and other lights set by various control modules;

  • Seats, in which there was a problem with the adjustable comfort and custom upholstery of the driver and passenger head restraint; and,

  • Latches, locks, and linkages, in which some auto door locks cannot be disabled.

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