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GMC Yukon Bumpers

GMC Yukon Bumpers: Usual Problems and Simple Solutions

Your GMC Yukon bumpers are engineered to allow your vehicle to withstand an impact without suffering much damage. Unfortunately, even if they don't get damaged because of collisions, they can still break because of other factors. Once this happens, you will encounter problems that may compromise your vehicle's appearance and performance. Read on to know some of these issues and some simple tips on how you can solve them.

Loose section

If you got into an accident while taking your GMC Yukon for a drive, there's a chance that a part of the bumper has come off. To solve this problem, you need to reattach the loose part immediately. However, although this may sound easy, you still need to have the proper tools because the bumper is attached to your vehicle through various retaining screws. What's more, this part is heavy, so you need to ask someone to assist you to avoid scratching or damaging the bumper. Also, don't forget to check your owner's manual to have an idea on which screws should be tightened well.

Nicks or scratches

Seeing nicks and scratches on your front and rear GMC Yukon bumpers is normal. However, if you will fix your bumpers after some time, they will look old and unkempt. Fortunately, removing scratches is fairly easy and can be done at home as long as you have enough time and the right tools. Some of the things that you'll need are different grits of metal sandpaper, spray paint, automotive primer, and scrub pads. Just make sure that the paint you're going to purchase matches your vehicle's paint job.

Faded areas

Over time, the bumpers of your vehicle will become faded due to wear and tear and constant exposure to the sun. Once this happens, they will look dull and unappealing. Although the best solution is to purchase new bumpers, you can also try restoring the faded areas especially if you don't want to spend a lot of money. All you need to do is clean the bumpers and purchase a liquid buffing compound, buffer, and car polish from your local auto parts store. However, take note that you cannot use dish detergent to clean your bumpers because doing so will dry your vehicle's paint job.

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  • Making Your GMC Yukon Bumpers Last: Simple Tips and Tricks

    When it comes to automobile safety, the bumpers of your GMC Yukon are very important parts. Without them, you might get seriously hurt in case you got into an accident. What's more, the components of your engine will become damaged because they will absorb all the energy during the impact. Thus, taking care of your bumpers is an important part of vehicular maintenance. Listed below are some simple tips on how you can make your bumpers last for a long time.

    Inspect your GMC Yukon bumpers for bug and other kinds of residues.

    One way to make your front and rear bumpers last for a long time is by visually inspecting them for bug and other kinds of residues regularly. Though they may seem harmless at first, these residues can cause premature degradation especially if they are not removed immediately. In case your bumpers are peppered with bug debris, you can clean them using an automotive soap that can be purchased from auto parts stores. However, if you don't want to spend a lot, then you can use WD-40, non-stick cooking spray, and vinegar.

    Use the right tools when removing your vehicle's bumpers.

    If you want to clean or repair the bumpers of your GMC Yukon, then you have to make sure that you have the right tools on hand. By doing so, you will avoid damaging your bumpers. Some of the tools that you will need are screwdrivers, ratchets, sockets, and wrenches because the front and rear bumpers are held in place by several screws and retaining bolts. If you don't have these, then you should just take your vehicle to a service center.

    Make sure that you will use a non-abrasive buffing compound when restoring your faded bumpers.

    Restoring the faded areas of your vehicle's bumpers is a good way to make them last for a long time. However, you should avoid using abrasive materials when performing this task because these things will only damage your bumpers more. One alternative that you can use is a liquid buffing compound. Available in many auto parts stores, this compound is the water-soluble form of a solid buffing compound. Thus, it will not scratch or cause more damage to your bumpers.