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GMC Yukon Mirror Glass

Identifying GMC Yukon Mirror Glass Problems and the Reasons behind Them

As a driver, you are required to keep all of your five senses alert while driving. You are expected to be aware of all the things that surround your vehicle, which include the road, the other cars, and the pedestrian. Keeping track of all these things will be very difficult without your GMC Yukon's mirrors. Your side- and rear-view mirrors make it easier for you to monitor things outside your vehicle, and they are expected to remain this functional and efficient as long as your vehicle is up and running. But like any other exposed car part, these mirrors are highly prone to damage and wear. Below are some of the most common problems of GMC Yukon mirror glass and their usual causes:

Excessive shaking and vibration

One of the most common issues of GMC Yukon mirror glass is its unnecessary shaking or vibration, especially during high-speed driving. Usually, the entire side-view mirror assembly has this problem. But in some cases, the shaking happens only to the mirrors. Either way, this problem compromises the driving comfort and safety of the GMC Yukon owners since they can no longer see clearly through the mirrors due to the uncontrollable vibration. If you are experiencing this problem, you can try tightening the bolts that hold the mirrors and the mirror arms in place. These bolts tend to loosen after some time, especially when the vehicle is always used for off-road or fast driving. If this doesn't fix the problem, it is probably time to replace the side-view mirrors.

Auto-dimming feature failure

Some GMC Yukon mirrors are equipped with additional features like power adjustment and auto-dimming. If these features are working well, they are extremely helpful. But when they fail, it can be very dangerous. Many GMC Yukon drivers complain about their mirror assembly's auto-dimming feature. In some cases, the mirrors ONLY dim when the light is EXTREMELY bright. But of course, it shouldn't work that way. If your mirrors have this issue, you may want to check the auto-dimming sensor's efficiency. Some auto-dimming mirrors produce double images and extremely dark tints, which compromise the driver's vision. If this happens to you, check the electrical wirings and switch for damage.

Other troubleshooting tips

It is very common for GMC Yukon mirror glass to develop hairline cracks over time. Many owners have reported the same problem over the years, and the only solution is to replace the stock mirrors with new ones. Other issues involving GMC Yukon's mirrors include blinking of the rear-view mirror's compass and temperature display, malfunctioning of the power-adjustment feature of the rear- and side-view mirrors, and sudden folding of the side-view mirrors while driving in high speed.

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  • Practical Ways to Keep Your GMC Yukon Mirror Glass in Good Shape

    Your GMC Yukon mirrors' constant exposure to harmful elements makes them vulnerable to damage and deterioration. Although you cannot completely protect your side- and rear-view mirrors from cracks, scratches, and dents caused by road accidents, you can still do something to slow down their wear and tear and prolong their service life. Here are a couple of easy and helpful ways to maintain the excellent condition of your GMC Yukon mirror glass:

    Keep your mirrors clean and shiny.

    The mirror assembly is one of the most taken-for-granted vehicle parts when it comes to maintenance. For most car owners, cleaning the mirrors is unnecessary as long as they can still see the other vehicles on their sides and rear. But in reality, this habit can cause their mirrors' premature failure. Cleaning can prevent this from happening, and it can also enhance your vehicle's appearance. To effectively make your mirrors shine, remember to apply the same products you use in cleaning the mirrors in your home. It is also recommended to use lint-free rags or newspapers to avoid scratching the mirror glass. You can also use cooking spray to easily remove dried mud and bug residues on your side-view mirrors. For the mirrors' plastic frames, make sure to use cleaners without ammonia because it tends to dry out plastic materials.

    Examine the mirror assembly and its components regularly.

    Habitual checkups on the mirror assembly components of your GMC Yukon are especially helpful if your mirrors have extra features like auto-dimming, power adjustment, and heating. These special mirrors have more electrical connections and parts than the standard side- and rear-view mirrors, and over time, these components may get damaged and fail. But if you examine these parts from time to time, you will be able to replace them immediately even before they affect your driving comfort and safety. For mirrors with auto-dimming features, checking the efficiency of the sensors is important to guarantee its ability to dim when necessary. Heated mirrors, on the other hand, tend to have problems with their switches, which are actually essential in activating their heating function. This feature's effectiveness should be tested regularly, especially when the winter season is fast approaching.

    Tighten the mounting screws and bolts.

    Most GMC Yukons have issues with vibrating, shaking, or folding mirrors, particularly while driving in high speed. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to secure the bolts and screws that hold the mirror glass and the entire mirror assembly in place. Doing this from time to time will guarantee the side-view mirrors' strength and stability even in high-speed driving.