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Stock springs don't look right with aftermarket wheels: Get the look you're shooting for with Goldline lowering springs

High carbon spring steel is used in all Goldline springs to ensure you get OE quality combined with tuner style

Don't turn your car into a go-kart with cheap lowering springs: Goldline springs can lower your car but still give you a comfortable ride

Goldline springs can lower your car without lowering your ride quality by changing their rate based on their compression

Whether you're just interested in looking good, or you could care less about looks as long as you perform well, Goldline springs are the ideal choice for your car. Those of you who fall into the first category are probably looking at Goldline springs to reduce the wheelwell gap after fitting big tires and wheels. You're in for a pleasant surprise: Not only will Goldline springs drop your car by up to several inches, but you won't lose your comfortable ride in the process. Goldline springs utilize progressive rate technology so the springs stay soft while you're cruising and don't firm up until you get down to business. You guys in the second category probably perked up when you heard progressive rate. That's racing technology, and its found on all Goldline springs. If you race your car on weekends but still have to get to the office on Monday morning, you don't want to be bouncing all over the interstate on harsh competition springs. Goldline springs give you the best of both worlds by firming up when you're cornering hard but staying compliant in everyday driving. All Goldline springs are precision engineered to fit each application perfectly, and high carbon spring steels are used in all Goldline springs for strength and durability. It's performance you can count on, year in and year out, when you choose Goldline springs for your car.

You're probably already familiar with the difference a set of performance shocks can make on your ride and handling, but did you know Goldline coil springs can make an even larger change in your ride quality? The shocks do the work of damping spring motion, but your springs are what's in charge of holding your ride off the ground. Goldline coil springs work a little differently compared to your factory springs by offering progressive rate design. What that means is that as your Goldline coil springs compress, they become firmer. During normal, level driving, Goldline coil springs are as soft as factory coils, but as soon as you cut into a corner and begin to apply pressure to the suspension, Goldline coil springs firm up fast giving you extra support through the twisties. All Goldline coil springs are made from premium hardened spring steels for long life without sag, and the gold finish will look great inside your wheelwellsif anyone can see them. That's because Goldline coil springs are also available in several heights to lower your ride by as much as 2. If you have big wheels and tiresand the resulting big gap in your fendersGoldline coil springs will bring things back into line. You get a great look and great performance, all from one great product: Goldline coil springs.

Your 20 wheels looked great in the store, and with those low-profile Toyos they should really make your ride pop. But now that you've got them on, something's not quite right: There's too much room between the tires and your car's body. You need Goldline lowering springs to bring that gap down a little. Goldline lowering springs are precision parts designed to replace your factory springs and lower your vehicle by as much as 2 inches. By removing that much spring travel, you're probably thinking your ride is going to deteriorate, but since Goldline lowering springs use a progressive rate mechanism, you don't need to worry. Goldline lowering springs are soft for the first few centimeters of travel, then firm up rapidly. As a result, you get a smooth ride on level surfaces and over bumps, but as soon as you start carving up the corners, your Goldline lowering springs get into the game and keep you in line. In fact, Goldline lowering springs give you a smoother ride in normal situations and a firmer ride in hard drivinghow's that for the best of both worlds? So don't put up with that goofy gap when installing larger wheels and tiresthat's not the look you wanted. Get the aggressive rake you've been gunning for and all around better handling too with a set of Goldline lowering springs.