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The Granatelli hot rod legend now applies to your fuel injected car, since you can get high tech sensors and components for your ride

A Granatelli mass air flow sensor acts like a larger throttle body for your car, allowing more air into the system

Granatelli MAF sensors are regulated to work with high-flow cold air intake systems, keeping your car's computer happy

Don't bore out a stock MAF sensor: Upgrade to a Granatelli MAF sensor to ensure proper functioning in your injection system

Times are a changin' when we start talking about the high performance Granatelli mass air flow sensor. It used to be carburetors, then we stepped up to throttle bodies, and now there's a Granatelli mass air flow sensor to replace your slow, stock sensor. We were skeptical at first, but after seeing an additional 10-23 horsepower, we decided to take a close look at the Granatelli mass air flow sensor. Like a larger throttle body, the Granatelli mass air flow sensor improves power in part by flowing more air than its stock counterpart. Smoother ductwork, fewer restrictions, and a larger bore size all contribute to this additional airflow on the Granatelli mass air flow sensor. However, the electronics used in a Granatelli mass air flow sensor are also improved over the stock unit. Since a Granatelli mass air flow sensor is specifically calibrated to your car's engine and improved components are used, the Granatelli mass air flow sensor is actually able to respond to changes in throttle position and airflow much more quickly than a stock sensor. The result is that you get faster acceleration, vastly improved midrange performance, and all with no loss in idle quality. The Granatelli mass air flow sensor is even 50 state legal, so check them out and pick one up for your vehicle.

r works and what it does? Well, for fuel injection systems like most of us have nowadays, the more information sent to the computer the better. The Granatelli MAF sensor (for mass air flow) lets the computer know just how much air is streaming in the intake duct. You know all those fancy cold air intakes you've been experimenting with? Well the Granatelli MAF sensor lets your car's computer know how much air you're adding, and how much the engine is pulling in. The thing is, a factory mass airflow sensor is only so bigin other words, there's a finite amount of air you can pull through it, limiting your potential power. A Granatelli MAF is bored larger than factory so your theoretical maximum power output increases. Now before you get the wise idea to take a Dremel tool to your factory MAF sensor, keep in mind that the Granatelli MAF is calibrated to work specifically with it's diameterjust like your factory sensor. Drill it out and you're asking for a check engine light to join you for the drive. Upgrade to a Granatelli MAF sensor instead and increase airflow the right way. Coupled with a cold air intake and an enlarged throttle body, a Granatelli MAF sensor can really add a lot of air to the system.

Complete mastery of your electronic fuel injection systemand your electronic ignition and transmissionis as close as the Granatelli Predator programming device. Stop suffering at the mercy of factory engine settings. You're not your grandmother, so why should you have to drive a car calibrated for her. The Granatelli Predator plugs right in to your computer diagnostic port and opens up a whole world of tuning options for you. You can set fuel and ignition curves with the Granatelli Predator to take advantage of the aftermarket speed gear you've installed. You can customize shift points in your computer controlled automatic transmission thanks to the Granatelli Predator. Heck, the Granatelli Predator can even adjust the temperatures at which your electric cooling fans come on. That's a lot of power, and a lot of power is what you can see at the rear wheels courtesy of your Granatelli Predator. But what happens when you're having car trouble, rather than looking to improve horsepower? The Granatelli Predator makes itself invaluable here too. You just plug the Granatelli Predator into the OBD port and it lets you view, scan, and delete trouble codes stored in your car's computer. You can diagnose your problem with the Granatelli Predator, fix it, then get back to using your Granatelli Predator to drop your quarter mile times. Now that sounds like a good use for a computer.