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Green connotes wellness and peace. The color radiates nature and its beauty. This is the main vision by which Green Filters lives by - to give your engine and your car the stability and wellness that can only be found in nature. Green Filters and its line of products are better known for their distinctive green filter media and its superb quality. Green Filters come in various forms ranging from the universal round to your conical form allowing you to construct your own high-flow air intake system.

Each Green Air Filter uses extremely deep pleats in the filter media, constructed of multiple layers of green cotton gauze to effect high-performance and extremely high air flow and filtration. With Green Air Filters, you could easily identify if your filter is dirty and if it needs a thorough cleaning process already. Just check the mesh front and back and simply wash it, then re-oil it and put it back in your ride. Now, save that 'throwing out paper filters habit' every six months because with Green Air Filter, you'll get everything to last a lifetime for your engine.

There are also Green Filters Cold Air Intake that are designed for maximum air flow with a vortex-like spin making you achieve better fuel economy, horsepower and torque because of its deep filter pleats and multi-layer cotton gauze construction.

Green Filters are available not only in different forms and features but also for different models, make and car built. There is a Green Filter for your Harley, go-kart and crankcase. There are Green Filters available for any truck, car, van and SUV applications. So now, make your engine feel nature. Go for Green.

Green Brand Articles

  • Tips on Buying Green Air Filters

    What do blue jeans and Green air filters have in common? The answer is cotton. Green filters use 2 layers of finely woven cotton. Woven cotton air filters are more expensive to manufacture, but they provide better performance. By contrast, cheaply made air filters use woven paper instead. Green filters have three benefits over the standard brands: 1) They have a thinner cotton weave, which means that the flow of air is better and they filter to an outstanding five microns. 2) Green air filters hold oil better and more evenly, unlike paper gauze filters which can lose oil to the engine intake press. 3) Green filters are stronger, and the cotton double-weave insures that the intake can never wear a hole in it like it can with a paper filter. People that use Green filters never risk that their engine pulls dirt into the fuel system.
    The pleats in the cotton weave are an important feature of Green air filters that provide several benefits. The pleats are more rigid for more strength and this helps the rubber edges of the air filter to stay sealed. The pleats in Green filters are parallel so that more pleats can fit into the filter and provide greater filtration. Green filters provide an improved rubber seal. They are manufactured using a 4-step molding process which requires more time and cost, but it produces a microscopic exactness around the edges with no wasted surface area. The result is greater air flow with minimal air leaks.
    Green air filters have proven themselves in the racing arena and they have also made a huge impact with street-legal machines. Even your family car can enjoy improved engine performance. Improved performance means better gas mileage. Green filters are available for virtually every domestic and import car, light truck or sports utility vehicle (SUV) application. Thanks to cutting edge technology, Green filters deliver greater air flow and provide better fuel economy. Air filtration is not sacrificed though, because Green air filters have greater filtering capacity, filtering particles as small as five microns. This combination produces increased horsepower. Even a 4-cylinder engine tested with a Green filter showed a 6.7 increase in horsepower over the same vehicle tested with a regular paper filter.
    With so much quality and technology engineered into an air filter, it would be a mistake to buy anything else. Thanks to greater fuel economy and better filtration and air flow, Green filters will contribute years to the life of your car and help you save thousands of dollars in fuel costs.

  • Choosing the Right Green Product, For the Right Job

    The Green air filter isn't just green in colorit's also more environmentally friendly thanks to its reusable construction

    A Green air filter provides more surface area for air flow and air filtration, so you get more air and cleaner air at the same time

    Green filters are produced to fit cars, trucks, vans, and SUVsand karts, motorcycles, and crankcase breather applications too!

    Racing is where Green filters were first developed, so you know the harshest conditions you'll see on the road have been taken into consideration

    Green filters appeared on the performance scene primarily through racing a few years back, and they've taken the high-flow filter market by storm. With their distinctive Green filter media (which is actually green filter media) and the variety of applications served by Green filters, it's no surprise that Green filters are so widely used. You can get Green filters in universal round or conical form, allowing you to construct your own high-flow air intake system, or order Green filters with a cold air intake. Green filters and Green cold air intakes are designed to flow maximum air thanks to their deep filter pleats and multi-layer cotton gauze construction. Green filters are also protected from ingesting large debris by the mesh layer surrounding the inside and outside of all Green filters. Green filters are available for most common car, truck, van, and SUV applications, and you can even get Green filters for your crankcase, Harley, and go-kart. Now you have no excuse for not getting maximum horsepower out of whatever you drive with Green filters and their exceptional vehicle coverage. Check the price of Green filters, then compare it to what you'd spend on paper filters over the life of your ride. When you do the math, you'll see that Green filters add up to a good value and so much more.

    reen air filter. Not surprisingly, the Green air filter is actually green in color. Constructed of multiple layers of green cotton gauze, the Green air filter utilizes extremely deep pleats in the filter media to effect exceptional filtration and high air flow. The mesh front and back on the Green air filter is also green, though, so you know what you've got under the hood even when the filter is dirty. Speaking of, when a Green air filter needs cleaning, you simply wash it, re-oil it, and put it back in the car. No more throwing out paper filters every six months: Your Green air filter is designed to last the life of your engine. And once you feel the difference a Green air filter makes in your airflow, you'll want it there for the life of your engine. Designed and proven on racetracks around the world, the Green air filter you buy for your street car is the product of countless racing wins. And if race teams trust the Green air filter in their million-dollar cars, you know a Green air filter is the right choice for your car, truck, van, or SUV.