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How To Install A Billet Grille in Five Steps

Equipping your vehicle with a billet grille provides benefits both in its appeal and functionality. In fact, this simple aftermarket addition provides a sleek and racing-like style to your auto-that is why most car owners fancy this grille type. If you have recently bought one and you are not quite sure how to go about installation, then here is an easy five-step fix to help you out.

Required skill level: Novice

Needed tools and materials

  • Pliers
  • Ratchet
  • Socket
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Allen wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Cutting grinder
  • Preparing for installation

    To keep yourself from short circuits and electrocution, disconnect the car's battery and remove the cable from its power source. You see, you may have to detach the covers around the headlights and turn signals. Some vehicles like pickup trucks may need to remove the entire stock front grille from the clips and bolts.

    Cutting the old grille parts

    For most truck types, the stock grille parts need to be cut out first to ensure fitting. Use the cutting grinder with an abrasive wheel.

    Using grinder to smooth out rough edges

    To ensure proper fitting, use a cutting grinder to smooth out the rough edges left from the cut out grille. Performing this cutting procedure allows the new billet grille to fit perfectly. This also ensures that the new part is secured tightly in place.

    Attaching the billet grille

    Once the rough edges were smoothed out, you may now attach the billet grille into the cut space. The billet grille package should include brackets and fasteners that help secure the new part in place. Some types may require you to use an Allen wrench in getting rid of the stock grille parts and screws out of their supports. Some are configured to install an additional bracket for tighter fitting.

    Replacing front clip and protective coverings on grille parts

    Once the billet grille is secured, you may now cap off the installation process by installing the right clips and coverings to the grille parts like the headlights. You see, this will help secure the newly installed billet grille in position, even when riding on rough terrain.

    Grille Articles

    • How to Install a Grille in Four Easy Steps

      There are a lot of things that you could easily customize in your vehicle, and one of them would be the front grille. Simply changing your car's grille can give it a classier feel compared to its stock look, and you won't even have to spend a lot to get it done. You could also go for a sportier style, and it should only take your about thirty minutes to about an hour to finish installing a new grille on your ride. Installing an aftermarket grille is pretty easy, but mounting one can vary from vehicle to vehicle. For the purposes of this guide we'll be using a Chrysler 300, which is a popular car for modifying and has a lot of aftermarket grilles available online.

      Required skill level: Intermediate

      Needed tools and materials

        Flat head screwdriver

        Torx screwdriver set

        Replacement grille

        Rag or cleaning cloth

      Popping the hood and getting to work

      Make sure you work in a well lighted area, so you could easily find the small tabs and screws that keep your grille in place. Open your front hood and take a look at your stock grille. You should find two plastic panels at the top edge of the grille. Remove these plastic panels by pulling on them and set them aside.

      Taking out your flat head screwdriver

      Once you have removed the two plastic panels, then you'll need to take out your screwdriver and work on removing the four plastic inserts underneath. Gently pry them out as these inserts can break or snap if you force them out. Take out all four and set them aside for later use.

      Unscrewing your front grille from its mount

      You'll need to pull the plastic cover fastener of your bumper a few inches away so you could loosen a couple of screws. You should find two plastic square screws on the sides and eight Phillips screws on the top and bottom area of the grille. Once you've taken out all of the screws, then carefully pull out your grille away from the car.

      Installing a replacement grille

      You simply have to install your new grille by following the steps above in reverse. Make sure that you are using an aftermarket replacement grille that's made exactly for your vehicle, so you won't have any compatibility problems during installation. Remember to snap the plastic inserts and panels that you set aside into place and you are done!

    • Putco vs. Paramount Restyling: Which Brand Provides the Better Grille?

      A grille equipment on your auto should upgrade its style, functionality, and durability. Putco and Paramount Restyling, just two of the famous manufacturers in the grille industry, both claim to offer style, functionality, and durability for your vehicle. If you find it difficult to choose between these two grille brands, then today is your lucky day. Here is a quick and easy-read guide to help you out:

      Product range, diversity, and style

      While both brands have a diverse set and wide range of choices for grilles and accessories, Putco ends up a notch higher than Paramount Restyling because of a broader and unique customizability. In fact, Putco offers a hidden mounting system that does not expose the bolt heads. You see, the Putco grille brand manufacturers also offer different sorts of styling that range from tribal designs to the more aggressive flaming inferno patterns. With this, car owners can style their auto grilles to suit their liking.

      WINNER: Putco

      Durability and resilience to wear and tear

      When it comes to durability and resilience to wear and tear, Putco comes neck-and-neck with Paramount Restyling. You see, the two brands offer a variety of grille material that includes stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic shells. So, both brands actually fair well in providing your auto the right defense against wear and tear.

      WINNER: Putco and Paramount Restyling


      Both brands win this round because the two manufacturers offer a no drilling, cutting, or removal of grille components for installation. In fact, Putco and Paramount Restyling offers a direct OE fit, so you would not have trouble with putting the grille in place.

      WINNER: Putco and Paramount Restyling


      For the warranty category, the Putco grille wins the bout because of its lifetime NeveRust warranty. The Paramount Restyling grille brand mostly offers only a three-year limited warranty.


      The verdict

      Both Putco and Paramount Restyling offer top-notch grille products-be it in street or off-road applications. They also last longer against wear and tear. But Putco grille wins the battle because it offers the driver a lifetime warranty and more options when it comes to styling.