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Here's a funny TV commercial. There's a stylish truck complete with chrome-finished fender trims, a sturdy grille guard, hood guard, bumper steps, and shiny wheels running on the foreground. In the background, a picturesque scenario. The background music is 'Ride With Me' by Nelly. The person is riding comfortably, windows down, the wind rushing through his hair, the sun setting in the horizon painting the picture red. The camera rolls, slowly zooming towards his jolly face then to his truck's driver side door handle-plastic, dilapidated, and in need of replacement. The music and the scene end with a comical slit. You see, your door handles are not just attached to your vehicle's doors so that you can get in and out of your ride. It should also complement the features of your truck. That's why Grippin Billet is a brand that can provide you door handles that will harmonize with the looks of your vehicle.

Grippin Billet is just the brand you should look for when it comes to trendy and long-lasting custom-made door handles. This manufacturer from San Francisco is new in the field, but its experienced owners and employees came together out of the need to make door handles for trucks that were both stylish and useful. After seeing a lot of trucks with plastic door handles that were less than stellar-handles that broke down easily and didn't match the vehicles' styles-the people behind Grippen Billet decided that something had to be done.

So, Grippin Billet made over 50 product ideas molded from billet steel, which was definitely a tougher material compared to what passed for normal door handle material. Billets door handles are known for their malleability and ductility, especially when exposed to varying temperatures during shaping and molding. And when used, are quite capable of long-lasting performance. Some of the company's products include complete line-ups for major car brands such as Ford, GMC, Dodge, and Jeep completely setting the floor for innovative and creative fully-functional door handles. And because of this, NBA superstar Shaquille O'neal availed of this company's trendy door handles for his Hummer. Also Grippin Billet door handles were featured in the 'Triple X' movies that starred Vin Diesel and Ice Cube in their Ford trucks. Now that's making it big!