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GTS headlight covers deliver stylish protection for today's expensive headlights. Each GTS Headlight Cover is custom designed to be a perfect fit while enhancing the clean lines of the vehicle. GTS Headlight Covers are available for most cars and trucks. GTS Headlight Covers add dramatic style and protect your headlights. GTS Headlight Covers are custom designed for more than 500 cars and trucks. GTS Headlight Covers utilize the easy to install "No-Holes-To-Drill" design, keeping modifications to a minimum. GTS Headlight Covers are available for most vehicles in clear smoke or carbon fiber black, and come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
GTS light covers are available for projector beams and provide the same quality, protection and style to your vehicle. GTS light covers' dazzling three-dimensional styling and customized Euro look are sure to be a hit for your vehicle. GTS fog light covers and tail light covers are certain to be a good investment for your sport vehicle. With the same powerful styling and easy "No-Holes-To-Drill" installation, GTS light covers will protect your car and make it look customized. All GTS light Covers are available in clear smoke or carbon fiber for most vehicles, and come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Aerodynamic styling and fuel saving performance are yours with the GTS bug shield. The molded contour of the GTS bug shield follows the hood line and strategically rises to deflect insects, rocks, rain and snow up and over the windshield. Unlike soft plastic bug shields, the GTS bug shield is manufactured from hard and durable Composilite® that won't flex or flutter. GTS bug shields provide custom hood and windshield protection for most types of cars, trucks and SUVs. There is probably a GTS bug shield for your vehicle. GTS bug shields are available in a standard, contemporary sleek or wrap-around design. You'll get the customized look that you want for your vehicle. Of course, just like the other GTS headlight and GTS light covers, the GTS bug shields have the same easy "No-Holes-To-Drill" installation. There are many styles to suit your vehicle. It is not surprising that GTS is the industry leader in automotive aftermarket styling. So many satisfied drivers have made GTS headlight covers, GTS light covers, and GTS bug shields the top sellers year after year.

GT Styling Brand Articles

  • Choosing the Right GT Styling Product, For the Right Job

    The use of special composite materials makes GTS shields and covers almost indestructible

    Whether your car is dark or light, a GTS headlight cover kit can make other drivers do a double-take

    There are hundreds of GTS accessories available; just take a look and find what you need to finish your car or truck

    GTS Headlight Covers and GTS Tail Light Covers add the style you want to your car or truck.

    Do you love the sleek, blacked-out look of a car or truck wearing a GTS headlight cover set? You're not alone: the GTS headlight cover has become one of the most popular car and truck accessories on the market, in large part because of the sinister appearance it lends to vehicles of all colors. What's your favorite? A monotone black with a GTS headlight cover set, with the resulting stealth look? What about white with a black GTS headlight cover set for contrast? Whatever your taste, and whatever you drive, you'll find a GTS headlight cover set that can set your vehicle apart from the rest. Since it mounts on the very front of your vehicle, it's obvious that the GTS headlight cover needs to be constructed of some heavy-duty materials. Acrylics and polycarbonates are employed throughout the GTS headlight cover to keep things in one piece and protect your expensive headlight lenses too. The GTS headlight cover installs quickly and easily too, but be careful before you hit the road with them: Some localities have different regulations regarding the GTS headlight cover, so check your community statutes to ensure that you're not going to be hassled by The Man. Otherwise, enjoy your new GTS headlight cover set and the killer good looks it lends to your ride.

    Describing every GTS light cover available would take an entire catalog in and of itselfbut hey, we like a challenge. You know about the GTS light cover for your headlights, and all the great benefits it provides like good looks and good protection. But what about a GTS light cover for your tail lights? No problem. There's a solid GTS light cover for the tail lights to complement the looks of the smoked GTS headlight cover. Or, go with the horizontal or diagonal slats found in the TailBlazer line of GTS light cover products. Just like all GTS light cover offerings, these sharp styling accessories require no drilling to install and are application-specific for a perfect fit every time. Don't think GTS left turn signals and fog lights alone when they were working on the GTS light cover drawing board. No way. You can add a European touch to your directional signals and your fog lights with smoked, clear, or amber-colored GTS light cover products. Now it seems obvious, but just to be on the safe side we should mention that all GTS light cover components are designed for show or off-road use only. Make sure you remove your GTS light cover before you driveespecially at night!

    Up, over, and gone. That describes the path bugs, stones, rain, and snowflakes will take when your car is equipped with a GTS bug shield. Available in several styles to suit your taste, a GTS bug shield is the absolute best way to protect the leading edge of your vehicle's hood. The aerodynamic construction of the GTS bug shield wraps around the front of your hood covering the painted parts. Then, at the back lip, the GTS bug shield turns upward which causes any airborne debris to sail up and over the roof of your vehicle. That way your windshield is actually offered some protection by the GTS bug shield on your hood. The GTS bug shield itself is constructed of nearly unbreakable composite materials and can be ordered in a smoked finish for the traditional deflector look, or in a clear acrylic finish if you prefer to paint your GTS bug shield body color. If you have an hour, you have enough time to install a GTS bug shield, and you never need a drill. The GTS bug shield bolts on using factory holes and included fasteners. As with all GTS products, the GTS bug shield offers great value for the money, and you're going to love the contemporary look too. Order now and give your car, truck, van, or SUV some defense against bugs and stones with a form-fitting GTS bug shield.