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Radio waves are magnetic energies generated by a transmitter and a transmission antenna. Your car's antenna is designed to receive these radio waves and send them to your radio. Without a working car antenna, you won't be able to tune in to your favorite FM station. That's why it has been the work of Harada to provide car companies, auto part suppliers, and customers with durable and functional car antennae. Harada was established in Tokyo, Japan in 1957 and has gained a remarkable reputation because of its top-notch antennae enough to be recognized by the world.

The principle of the car antenna is simple-to receive radio waves and send them to the radio to be amplified so you can hear the transmission perfectly. But depending on the design, there are plenty of different ways to capture radio waves better. That's why Harada makes sure that all their car antennae are made out of materials that can collect radio waves for a clear reception. With their "lock-antenna", a specialized antenna designed for cars, they became a world-class antenna provider with a wide market niche.

But cars are not their only business. In order to keep up with the world's demand in communication's technology, the company involved itself in the creation of various mobile phones, PHS base stations, and wireless LAN. Harada established its biggest research and development center at the University of Kent, England to be able to meet the requirements of current and future technologies allowing the company to concentrate on developing new ideas away from intellectual thieves.