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Through the years, Hedman Hedders have not lost it's magic touch. No matter what model of car you have, adding Hedman Headers to it produces increased power and torque. In the old days of performance exhaust making, engineers weld up pipes until they find the right concoction for more power and torque. Hedman Hedders have mastered the technique even without the aid of computer dynos and mandrel-bending machines. Today, Hedman Headers are designed using the latest CAD technology. Mandrel-bent pipes are standard for their improved gas flow and sleek looks.

Headman Headers have free-flowing, multi-tube system allowing exhaust pulses to free-travel to the exhaust collector. On a stock exhaust manifold, the exhaust pulses build up a pressure inside the manifold. With Hedman Hedders, back pressure is reduced as each exhaust port gets its own tube. This lets the engine focus on sending horsepower to the rear wheels, not on pushing exhaust gases out the tailpipe.

There is a Hedman Hedder available for every car. Sport compacts, imports, trucks, or muscle cars from the States are readily available in stores. For the budget-conscious, there's the black-painted Hedman Headers. And for that hardcore hot-rodder cashing in for durability, there's the ever-popular HTC coating for long life and great looks.

For every Hedman Hedders installed in your car, you will feel the kind of power that's way different from the others---just like in the old days.

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  • Tips on Buying Hedman Exhaust

    Hedman Hedders are what you are looking for if you want thermal protection that has been proven in aerospace applications to withstand up to 1300 degrees of heat. Hedman Hedders use a metallio-ceramic alloy composition known as HTC coating. Hedman Hedders have the industry's best-rated thermal coating. The metallo-ceramic coating is micro-bonded to your Hedman Hedders with a strength factor that exceeds 10,000 psi. Consider the incredible endurance and the durability of the coating. Additionally, the abrasion resistance of the surface also helps to increase the torque up to 20 percent in some cases. Hedman Hedders provide the top-of-the-line protection, durability, power and also deliver a five-year warranty. Most Hedman Hedders are street-legal in every state and Puerto Rico. However you need to check the specs to make sure that the model you want is street-legal in your community.
    If you are looking for heavy-duty thermal protection for your passenger car or truck then Hedman Headers is the brand to buy. Hedman Headers represent the culmination of aerospace technology engineered into the automobile. The exclusive HTC coating gives Hedman Headers the industry-best metallo-ceramic coating that thermally protects your engine for up to 1300 degrees of blistering heat. This new technology bonds the metallo-ceramic HTC coating to your Hedman Headers with a strength of 10000 psi and provides resistance to chips and abrasion. Hedman Headers the most durable available, and they provide up to 20 percent increase in torque. Most Hedman Headers are street-legal in all 50 states. However you should check the model that you want to make sure that it is street-legal where you live. Hedman Hedders also come with a five-year warranty.
    Headman Headers are the choice of muscle-car performance enthusiasts all over the nation. Headman Headers deliver aerospace-caliber thermal protection and durability for your passenger car or truck that will last. Headman Headers offers the Tork Step variety of race winning technology for passenger cars and trucks. These Headman Headers test-proved that a strategically positioned change in the primary tube broadens your engine's overall torque curve. Headman Headers went through dynamometer testing in which A 5.7-liter small block Chevy engine with a Headman Header installed showed a "torque boost" in the ranges between 2800 to 3200 and 3600 to 4000 RPM. The Solid increases in low RPM towing, pulling power and RPM recovery rates are just some of the benefits that your car or truck will gain from Headman Headers.

  • Choosing the Right Hedman Product, For the Right Job

    Run with a legend when you install the latest version of a classic designHedman Hedders have been powering performance cars for decades

    The same Hedman Hedders that used to boost power on Flathead Fords can now be bolted on to the newest Honda Civics for the same power gains

    Draw exhaust out of your motor rather than forcing your motor to push it out with a simple Hedman Hedder installation

    Painted, polished, and ceramic coated finishes are all available on your choice of Hedman headers

    It may be one of the oldest names in the performance exhaust game, but Hedman Hedders are still some of the most respected headers on the market. Before there were computer dynos and mandrel bending machines, Hedman Hedders were built the old-fashioned way: Engineers welded up pipes until they found a combination that made more power and torque. Hot rodders love them, and Hedman Hedders meant huge horsepower increases on whatever you bolted them to. Times have changed, but the results of adding Hedman Hedders to your ride hasn't. Hedman Hedders are designed using the latest CAD technology, and mandrel-bent pipes are standard for their improved gas flow and smooth good looks. Many Hedman Hedders are 50-state legal so you don't have to worry at inspection time, and Hedman Hedders can be specified with the company's exclusive HTC ceramic coating for long life and great appearance. It doesn't matter what kind of ride you have; Hedman Hedders are available for muscle cars, sport compacts, imports, and four-wheel drive trucks. At the core of it all, the Hedman Hedders guys are still hot-rodders, and helping you go faster in whatever you choose to drive is what their business is all about.

    e been manufactured to exacting tolerances for decades now, so you're getting the benefit of all that experience every time you choose Hedman headers for your car. And no matter what your car is, there's most likely a set of Hedman headers available for it. Sport compacts, imports, trucks, and American muscle cars are all covered, and can all see as much as a 20% increase in output with Hedman headers installed. If you're on a budget, choose black painted Hedman headers. If you're going for all-out looks and longevity, choose Hedman's famous HTC coating to ensure the longest life and best heat transfer from your Hedman headers. So travel with a legend: Travel with Hedman headers at the forefront of your performance exhaust system.

    Who likes a good fight? Not your engine, at least not in the exhaust manifold. Unfortunately, that's exactly what takes place when you use a stock exhaust instead of Headman headers. All those powerful exhaust pulses stream out of the cylinders into your manifold and bounce off of one another, making your engine work to push them down into the tailpipe and out of the system. Headman headers prevent this battle from taking place. Instead of making all the exhaust pulses pile onto the same bus for the trip to the tailpipe, having Headman headers is like giving them each a limo ride to their destination. Since it no longer has to work to push exhaust around, Headman headers allow your engine to concentrate on what it wants to do: Make you go fast. Around that basic design philosophy, Headman headers incorporate all the top design features you expect to find on premium headers. Things like mandrel-bent tubing, precision-cut flanges, and fully-welded seams are found on Headman headers, and you can order your Headman headers with either a black painted finish or a gorgeous HTC ceramic coating that the company has become famous for. So, drive whatever you want, but enjoy the ride more with Headman headers bolted onto your engine.