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Do you know what Helsa means? It's actually a municipality and a village found in the district of Kassel in Hesse, Germany. Also, it's a popular baby name that means "God's promise". But besides these, Helsa is also popular in the automotive industry because of the specialized filters that a brand provides. Ever wondered how dust and dirt on the off road could be kept outside your car? That's because a cabin air filter prevented those particles from entering your cabin. So if you keep rolling up your car windows but cannot prevent dust and smoke from entering your car, Helsa is just the brand that you need to replace or install a new cabin air filter.

Helsa, supplier of top-quality cabin air filters, has been in the business for years, and they have managed to place their name on several automotive and auto part retailers that are not afraid to try new products for the satisfaction of their customers. To date, only 40 percent of cars worldwide are using cabin air filters so it may not come as a surprise that you may know this brand already. Helsa is actually doing quite well in the automotive biz-with cabin air filters provided for top brands such as Audi and Volkswagen, Helsa is definitely no cheap cake.

Imagine how a furnace filter works. It prevents dust and soot produced when burning firewood from tainting the air inside your home. The cabin air filter practically works the same for your car, truck, SUV, van, and other vehicles. It prevents dust, exhaust gases, smoke, fungi, pollen, bacteria, and other contaminants from entering the car, cleaning up the air so that you and your passengers are able to breathe with more ease in the vehicle's cabin. With particulate filters and five more layers of protective barriers, this brand promises that the air you breathe inside you car is totally clean. And with activated charcoal filters, unwanted odors are eliminated so Helsa cabin air filters surely provides you with better protection compared to other filtration systems.