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Carrying loads behind your pickup truck won't be a problem with Hidden Hitch. Hidden Hitch exceeds customers' towing demands beyond their expectations.

With six strategically-placed warehouses and numerous sales professionals all over the United States, Hidden Hitch has become well-loved by pickup truckers because of its towing products and efficient customer service. This first-to-the-market capability has enabled Hidden Hitch to carve a niche in the industry of Pickup Truck Hitches.

Durability and ease of installation are the qualities found in these Hidden Pick Up Truck Hitch. It has a host of class rings. They are guaranteed for topnotch quality. Every unit has been inspected before leaving the door of the factories. It exceeds industry standards to ensure top-class, durable Pick Up Truck Hitches. Recent Pickup Truck Hitches from Hidden include a line of fifth wheel hitches, gooseneck-style trailer hitches and weight distribution hitches for heavier towing requirements.

When it comes to towing services, Hidden Hitch has always been the brand to trust.

Hidden Hitch Brand Articles

  • Tips on Buying Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch

    Hidden Hitch offers the highest quality options in trailer and towing kits to adapt to your vehicle even if you are towing the heaviest of trailers. The Hidden Trailer Hitch is the industry leader in quality durable heavy-load trailer hitches. However Hidden Trailer Hitch manufactures more just trailer hitches. Two of the new Hidden Trailer Hitch products offered this year are the Rola Modular Luggage Carrier and the Hidden Hitch Rail Kit.
    Hidden Trailer Hitch takes an innovative new approach to luggage racks with the Rola Modular Luggage Carrier. Sometimes your SUV just doesn't have enough room for your luggage, so Hidden Trailer Hitch solves this problem with a tilt- and swing-away modular storage pod. The Rola Modular Luggage Carrier is ingeniously mounted to any trailer hitch designed for a two-inch receiver. The tilt feature allows the tray to be folded out of the way when not in use, and the swing away feature provides easy access to the trunk space. What better way to add storage space to your SUV without putting any extra weight on the roof of the vehicle?
    Of course Hidden Trailer Hitch has a full line of trailer hitches such as the new Straight-Line Hitch which is designed to force your trailer to stay in a straight line behind the tow vehicle. Hence, the name: Straight-Line Hitch and Dual Cam High Performance. It is made with a patented sway control and weight-distributing system. The stronger the sway force, the harder it works to stop the swaying that can endanger your driving and which can cause your trailer to sideswipe another vehicle. You will be glad to have a Hidden Trailer Hitch working to protect your safety and your vehicle.
    The Hidden Hitch Rail Kit is an integral part of the Signature Series Heavy Towing hitch. Using the "Power Puck" hitch mounting system, the Hidden Hitch Rail Kit allows for easy hassle-free installation. It also delivers full use of the truck bed for support when either the Fifth Wheel or Gooseneck hitches are dismounted. The Hidden Hitch Rail Kit has a wider platform/mounting footprint that provides increased stability. This tough product also has a tough finish, and the Hidden Hitch Rail Kit has an E-coat base with a black powder coat finish. Toughness that looks good when steel meets style. The Hidden Hitch Rail Kit is one of the most popular Truck rail kits on the market.

  • Choosing the Right Hidden Hitch Product, For the Right Job

    Hidden Hitch has been a leader in the towing products industry for years, supplying the aftermarket and heavy duty industry alike

    Your Hidden trailer hitch from Hidden Hitch is a more compact and aesthetically-appealing hitch design

    Hidden Hitch trailer hitches are available for almost any car, truck, van, or SUV on the market, and most older models as well

    Durability and ease of installation are qualities found in all Hidden Hitch components

    When you've got 3,000 pounds behind your truck, you don't want to be worried about your trailer hitch. That's why a Hidden trailer hitch is the brand to choose. The Hidden trailer hitch from Hidden Hitch is a low-profile design that doesn't stand out on the back of your vehicle. Available in all class ratings, the Hidden trailer hitch includes all mounting hardware and easy to understand instructions to get your Hidden trailer hitch bolted on in no timeno welding is involved. Every Hidden trailer hitch is dipped in a rust-resistant black coating to keep it looking new for the long term, even if your plans include backing it into lake water or salt water! The Hidden trailer hitch has been one of the most popular hitches on the market for years because of the company's commitment to quality. Every Hidden trailer hitch is fully inspected before it leaves the factory to ensure you get the best possible product, and all Hidden trailer hitch offerings meet or exceed safety standards that apply to hitch design. Best of all, there's a Hidden trailer hitch for your truck, car, van, or SUV regardless of what you drive, and the Hidden trailer hitch is made in many different configurations for various towing jobs. So make sure your trailer is securely bolted to the back of your ride: Choose a Hidden trailer hitch for all your pulling jobs.

    A Hidden Hitch rail kit is an essential ingredient in your fifth wheel towing package, and one that you want to ensure matches up with the quality you expect in all your towing components. That's why it's so important to choose a brand you can trust, like the Hidden Hitch rail kit. Made from premium steel and coated to ensure rust resistance, the Hidden Hitch rail kit is the perfect complement to your fifth wheel setup. You can find a Hidden Hitch rail kit to fit most popular trucks on the market today, and in various weight ratings depending upon the trailer you intend to tow and the fifth wheel setup you plan on using. Best of all, though, when you purchase a Hidden Hitch rail kit, you're buying the years of experience and knowledge that Hidden Hitch has gained as a leader in the towing products industry. Whichever Hidden Hitch rail kit you choose, you can count on premium quality, easy installation, and full support from the factory for any warranty issues. Hidden Hitch rail kit offerings are also known for their complete hardware and exceptional installation instructions to help you through any pitfalls.