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HKT/Kitahara was established in March 25, 1954 but basing on its history its started producing air horns and magnetic valves even as early as April of 1948. Kitahara Seisakusho was founded by M. Ichii Kitahara in March of 1954. However, the company was turned to HKT only in October 1987. The HKT Group is renowed worldwide for its glow plugs, fuel pumps, in-tank fule pump, thermostats, radiator caps, magnetic valves, engine shut-off valves, starter switch, and temperature sending unit.

Race Pages is fortunate to be given the privilege to offer one of HKT/Kitahara's famous products-the HKT/Kitahara glow plug. Unlike, the other brands, the HKT glow plug is made from only the best materials and produced using only the most advanced technology. This is the reason why this product has lasted for so long despite the tight competition ranging in the automotive industry. HKT has placed its years of expeirience in every product that it creates and it shows in the quality and performance of their products.

So what is a glow plug and how does it benefit a vehicle? If gasoline engines have starters then diesel engines have glow plugs. Diesel engines make use of glow plugs since they ignite fuel by compressing it. Glow plugs are also perfect for strating vehicles during cold weather. Aside from starting the engine, a glow plug also warms the engine especiually if its been sitting for so long out in the cold. Without a glow plug the engine block would tend to absorb all the heat when you start the engine making it hard for the vehicle to start. However, the a glow plug the engine block can heat up reaching 800 degrees Celsius, thereby making it easier for the engine to start even after being parked for so long in the cold. Unfortunately, just like spark plugs, glow plugs also wear out after prolonged usage hence replacement is inevitable. When its comes to replacement glow plugs, HKT/Kitahara glow plug is a brand that you can trust.