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Honda Alternator

When you are listening to the radio in your Honda while you are driving, it may be surprising to find out that the battery is not powering it. In fact, the Honda alternator is the device that provides all the power while the engine is running. In addition, it does the very important job of recharging the battery at the same time. By using the motion of the rotating engine, through a belt connected to the crankshaft, the Honda alternator produces much more electricity than the battery can. The main purpose for the battery is simply to start the vehicle, and run accessories, such as the dome light, while the engine is off. There are many things that can cause the Honda alternator to stop functioning. Loose wiring harnesses are frequent culprits, as the alternator endures a large amount of vibration while it is running. If the belt that connects the Honda alternator to the crankshaft is loose and slipping, the ability to generate electricity may be greatly reduced. Corroded wiring is another common problem. If you have ruled all of these items out, and have realized that the entire Honda alternator must be replaced, you will find the correct version for your vehicle in our large online catalog, along side a full selection of other parts and accessories to repair or customize your vehicle. Our Honda alternator is made to the highest industry standards and comes with a full warranty from the manufacturer. It will last at least as long as the original part did. Our website makes it easy to order your new Honda alternator, and with our quick shipping, it will arrive soon.