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Honda Axle Assembly

If your Honda is front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, the problem of delivering power to the wheels becomes much more difficult. The Honda axle assembly, however, is well designed to accomplish the task. Like the rear driveshaft, this system must compensate for the movement of the suspension. By using a pair of constant velocity joints, the Honda axle assembly can keep the wheels powered, no matter where the suspension places them. The second problem addressed is the fact that the front wheels must also steer. Unlike the universal joint, the constant velocity joint in the Honda axle assembly allows for lateral movement, as well as vertical movment. When it is combined with a slip joint at the transmission, it is no problem to deliver the power to the wheels, in whatever direction they happen to be pointing. The constant velocity joint in the Honda axle assembly uses a set of bearings and gears to make it extremely flexible. The problem with the system, however, is that it cannot be internally lubricated. Instead, each constant velocity joint on the Honda axle assembly is covered with a rubber boot, which acts as a container for the lubrication and protects the joint from external debris. Over time, the rubber of the boot will harden and begin to crack. If it is not taken care of immediately, the lubrication will be lost and dirt will enter the joint. Soon, the entire Honda axle assembly will need to be replaced, due to the forces of friction. Our online catalog will have the correct Honda axle assembly for your vehicle, at a great price, and it can be ordered with a toll-free phone call or through our secure web site.