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Honda Brake Caliper

Many components are used to bring your Honda to a stop when the brake pedal is pressed. One of the most important parts in this system is the Honda brake caliper. When the broke pedal is pushed down, a power booster multiplies the input force of the pedal, and uses it to power the master cylinder. The master cylinder develops hydraulic pressure and sends it to the Honda brake caliper through the brake lines. The Honda brake caliper then contracts, forcing the brake pads into the brake disc, and the friction created by the brake pads brings the vehicle to a stop. When the Honda brake caliper is not operating properly, it could mean reduced braking efficiency, and the problem should be corrected immediately. The first point of failure in this device is the pistons. As the vehicle ages, the seals that contain the hydraulic pressure, within the pistons of the Honda brake caliper, will begin to decay, soon resulting in a leak. A leak will reduce the pressure applied to the brake disc. Corrosion and road debris may also clog the Honda brake caliper preventing it from moving, even with adequate pressure. When the unit cannot be repaired and it is necessary to replace the Honda brake caliper, you will find the correct version for most vehicles in our online catalog, at a much lower price than what the dealership would charge for a replacement. It is made to the same specifications as the original unit, and it has a full warranty from the manufacturer. When you are ready to order the Honda brake caliper, it is easy to do through our secure online ordering process, or by phone, with a toll-free call.

Honda Brake Caliper Models