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Honda Brake Disc

As you hit the brakes in your Honda, a great deal of heat is produced, and if that heat is not removed from the system, the brake pads will experience premature wear and the efficiency of the entire brake system will be reduced. The part responsible for cooling the brake system is the Honda brake disc. It acts as a large heat sink, transferring the heat from the brakes through its metal body, to where it can be removed by the flow of air. The Honda brake disc has certain features that allow it to dissipate heat faster. First, it is made out of specific metal alloys that are especially good at conducting heat. Second, the Honda brake disc uses a set of slots cut into its edge, which lead towards the center of the disc, to increase the amount of surface area available. With a larger surface area, more air contacts the metal surface, and the unit is cooled much quicker. On some models, the Honda brake disc may be cross-drilled to increase the airflow. After a period of several years, corrosion and road debris may start to fill the slots, which will decrease cooling the efficiency. In addition, corrosion will also cause gouges and pits to form on the surface of the Honda brake disc, which will reduce the life of the brake pads. When it is time to replace the unit, you will find the correct model for your vehicle in our large online catalog, for much less than the similar part from the dealership. The Honda brake disc can be ordered from our secure web site at any time of the day, or by calling our toll-free phone lines.