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Honda Catalytic Converter

More and more people are enticed in savoring the luxury, comfort, fame and fun of owning a car which can also lead to increased exhaust emissions that can endanger the environment we are living in. Good thing Honda Catalytic converter is found in almost all car parts and car accessories markets. A car's catalytic converter is the cleaning system that removes harmful components from the gas as it passes through the vehicle's exhaust system thus the air emitted is not as dangerous and destructive as it used to be. Honda cars are equipped with catalytic converters as part of their commitment to safeguard the environment and the future of mankind. Environmental safety is always taken in consideration by the company as shown in their rigid policies and standards in making any car products ranging from powerful and impressive car makes and models to efficient and durable car parts and car accessories.

Honda catalytic converters are just one of the solutions to minimize the negative effect of motorcycle and car exhausts. Studies and researches in the United States and other neighboring countries show the important role of catalytic converters in reducing harmful carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. Carbon monoxide or CO is a colorless and odorless poisonous gas produced from incomplete combustion of fuel in the car's exhaust systems. Motorcycles and cars are the topmost producers of Carbon Monoxide or CO in the atmosphere.

Combustion process does not constantly reach its maximum peak leading to the production of harmful emissions. Other gases that pose a threat in our environment are hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, Hydrocarbons or Volatile Organic Compounds are the end product of unburned fuel that turns to gas. As it evaporates, a chemical reaction happens as it combines with sunlight which causes ground level ozone or pollution. Carbon dioxide is a product of combustion that bonds with the oxygen in the air leading to polluted atmosphere. Nitrogen oxides on the other hand are a major component of smog and acid rain which can cause mucous membrane irritations and other health problems.

To have greater protection of the environment against the harmful effects of car emissions, modern cars including Honda makes are equipped with three-way catalytic converters. The "three way" pertains to the reduction of the topmost three pollutants; carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. The converter is equipped with two types of catalysts, an oxidization catalyst and a reduction catalyst. Both are made from metal with a ceramic structure covered with either palladium, platinum or rhodium. Common types of structures used are ceramic bead, although it is not commonly used nowadays, metal plate and ceramic honeycomb. The maximum area of the converter is positioned on the exhaust system to minimize the amount of catalyst needed. The rhodium and platinum components of the converters are used to minimize nitrogen oxides by pulling out the nitrogen atom from the molecule and bonding it with other nitrogen atoms to form harmless N2.

  • Closer Look at Honda Catalytic Converter

    With the focus in the past few decades on reducing the environmental effects of driving combustion engine vehicles, the Honda catalytic converter has become an increasingly important part of your exhaust system. In the years since they've come into use, the Honda catalytic converter has become increasingly efficient with improvements in technology, and serves to help reduce the expulsion of pollutants into the environment by burning some down a bit further and by trapping others. If your Honda catalytic converter is moving towards failure, you'll probably notice a decrease of engine power, as well as decreased fuel mileage, if the failure is due to it being clogged, as being a part of the exhaust system, that interference in the smooth flow of exhaust out from the vehicle will negatively impact performance. It is also possible that mechanical failures in the combustion system can cause the failure of the Honda catalytic converter by overwhelming it with improperly balanced fumes. Today, a working Honda catalytic converter is a legal requirement for your vehicle, and if yours is starting to struggle to perform its tasks, you may want to consider getting the replacement you're going to need on the way. You'll find that we feature numerous Honda catalytic converter replacements in our online catalog, spanning a broad range of years and models, all available at prices that are definitely reasonable, sure to be affordable when compared to what your local dealerships and automotive parts retailers are asking for theirs. You can order your Honda catalytic converter replacement online without worry, our encryption will keep your data secure, and if you prefer to place your order by telephone, you are welcome to make use of our toll-free number.