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Honda Civic Bumper

The Honda Civic body panels cover almost the entire chassis of the vehicle and apparently provide the occupants necessary protection, either from road irregularities or from weather conditions. Somehow they also protect you from getting hurt when collision occurs. But in the engineering of all vehicles, the bumper takes the prime responsibility of protecting the lives of the people on board as well as the vehicle itself.

A typical bumper is mounted both at front and rear ends of a vehicle. It comes in a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, rubber, composite fiberglass, as well as plastic. Most of these bumpers contain polypropylene foam or plastic honeycomb, brackets, and energy absorbers during collisions. In low impact collisions, the bumper bends but apparently goes back to its original form. The efficiency of this trait however depends on the quality of the material from which it was made and on the technology that the manufacturer used.

If a Honda Civic collides with another vehicle or hits any hard surface with a great impact, wherein the Honda Civic bumper could no longer withstand, the first that shall be affected are the fenders, then the headlights, the grill, the radiator and most probably the powerhouse. Worrying about the reliability of the Honda Civic bumper is however not the answer on how to avoid accidents such as that. All that's needed is to be very careful with driving, concentrate well with it, and be wary of the moves you are making.

On the other hand, even if a Civic haven't met any accident within the years of running, Honda Civic will still get damages, most commonly are dents, rusts and scratches. These are minor damages that can easily be solved. By merely having the bumper repainted, the Honda Civic would get instant new look. But if you want it to achieve a more unique appearance and enhance the aesthetic aspect, replacing the old Honda Civic bumper with custom, OEM, factory, and or any aftermarket Honda bumper would be the best thing to do. Though this may account for additional cost, the transformation could surely give you fulfillment which money can't offer.

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